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3 Irrelevant Subjects Unless You Understand: Geass 19/Karoshi/J-Music

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
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First Irrelevant Subject UNLESS YOU KNOW: Code Geass R2 Ep.19

Infamous S1 Nina Scene

This episode just pissed me off all around. Not, legitimately “[you] pissed me off”, but pissed me off in the sense that I was into the episode -well, as much as I could get into it as I could be seeing how downhill Geass is heading, but I digress- and if it was real, I’d be pissed. Everyone overall sucked. LeDouche, being who he is, is generally annoying and no where even close to epic anymore, but I was on his side for this episode.

Everyone who betrayed him, pissed me off. No matter the means, the guy got you to where you were and of course you have to take some sacrifices. Of course, trying to play hero or something, he could’ve told them the truth but he’s one of those “take it as another chip on your shoulder” guys… Or he’s just stupid. I wouldn’t be too sad if he died, it’s just that everyone else sucked more than him this episode.


A Preview: Skip Beat! TV

Thursday, August 21st, 2008
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While the rest of our fellow anime enthusiasts peruse selections from upcoming fall shows, this sporadic-anime-watcher-cum-blogger focuses her energy on a single title. Yes, one. It’s sad, but true.

source: Sweet Revenge

Skip Beat!, a Yoshiki Nakamura creation, centers on Kyoko Mogami, an average girl with average looks, timid personality, and low ambition. That is, until Shou Fuwa, a rising J-Pop artist and her bosom buddy, betrayed her. The horrendous circumstance unlocked her Pandora’s box, unleashing all the negative vibe repressed from childhood. Kyoko sought immediate transformation. A bleached-out and made-up wanna-be actress replace the frumpy looks. She peels off timidity and showcases her true self. Revenge becomes her middle name.

Set amidst a surreal and unlikely showbiz backdrop, Ms. Nakamura surrounds Kyoko with indelible characters. A Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde love interest, an egotistical third party, a uber-flamboyant studio president, a tsundere potential-best friend (it makes sense when you’ve read the manga), a romance-angling lackey, a demon kid, and I can go on and on and on. But, you know, spoiler-y stuff.

Of course. all this is done in awesomely typical Nakamura-styling, outrageous humor, loads of dialogue, and lots of satisfyingly gooey romance.

More SB pimping after the jump:

Kyoko and Ren, sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G~

My favorite Skip Beat! cover art evah!


Some shows that looks interesting from the coming season

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
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After reading through THAT massive preview of the coming season there are a few shows that definitively caught my attention and I’d like to make a few comments on them. I’d also like to apologize beforehand for the horrible formatting of this post. WordPress was totally kicking my ass today..


Given that I’m currently going through Legend of the Galactic Heroes this is a must watch. Even if it had nothing to do with LoGH I’d watch it since I’ve always been a sucker for space operas.


Hype Machine: Yozakura Quartet’s The Next -Ism

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008
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*image stolen from my dear Sasa*
Prediction: This image also probably has nothing to do with the story’s atmosphere.

I had totally forgotten that this show was being made into an anime -I put it on my “Plan to Watch” list on my MAL– so it was a pleasant surprise to see that it’s coming out this upcoming season. The past two seasons or so, I haven’t been real interested in except for a show or two, so actually, it was more than a pleasant surprise, I got pretty excited. SO excited in fact that I took off my pa–… nah, I was just happy.

I really cant even explain why I like it. It’s pretty much unlike the usual shoujo-y type shows that I love but it’s just interesting enough to get me into it… the manga at least. I first picked up the volume for two reasons: 1) It’s a Del Rey license. Del Rey, despite it being *slightly unnecessarily* priced $1 USD higher than the average manga, is one of my favorite companies and they’ve generally been licensing good series. Examples include Love Roma and Genshiken to name some off the top of my head. -plus, my goal in the future is to work for Random House Publishing, so I’m just jumping on their bandwagon now-

Reason 2 being: The cover of the first volume of manga looks pretty cool. Yeah, lame adjective, “cool”… why not “appetizing”, you ask? What a stupid word, cool. But just look damn it, it’s cool. Here on the cover, we have some unknown girl who just doesn’t seem to give a crap about who you are, holding a guitar and wearing a scarf. It’s girls like this that make you want to read them.


Now That’s Just Damn Creative / Random D-baggery

Monday, August 18th, 2008
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Tortoise Fansubs, you guys are geniuses, I give you credit. You wanted to do something original and you sure did: they subbed an Aria drama cd. First, they’re awesome because it was an Aria drama cd. Second, it was a drama cd. I never even thought of that. NEVER did I think that drama cds could be… “subbed” the way they did it.

You see, they didn’t just take the drama cd and translate it into a text file, they made it to an .mkv so it’s like your watching another episode of Aria… except… you’re just watching a still… picture. Think an eroge except… there is no naughtiness nor a change in the picture… look. It kicks ass.


Quick thoughts on some stuff I’ve watched recently

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008
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So writer’s block came around and slapped me in the face once again. It’s not like I don’t have things to say either because I’ve had several ideas pop up in my mind but I’ve been completely unable to put them to words. I think have a good idea of why I never manage to catch my ideas too and that in itself could be another post.. if only I manage to put it into words! Anyway, in order to try and get rid of this miserable feeling I decided to post some simple thoughts on a few of the shows I’ve watched recently. You can never go wrong with spontaneous blurbs!


Random Goodness from Newt 1

Monday, July 28th, 2008
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I hope no-one minds me doing this, but I thought I’d share a few fun things with my fellow fans every now and then. (Gee I hope this works…)

Vampire Knight

First Up: I absolutely love Vampire Knight (like duh, Newt + Vampires = Awesome), however the ED theme from the anime is freaking wonderful. Therefore I think it is ringtone worthy. Download (see link below) and transfer to your phone (like I really have no idea) and then we will all be an army of undead awesomeness…. or not.

DOWNLOAD: Still Doll – Ending Theme Vampire Knight

Druaga no Tou – Some good ol’ fashioned questing

Sunday, July 6th, 2008
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So I finally got around to watching the two last episodes of Druaga no Tou and it’s not a lie to say I wasn’t disappointed. That is, I didn’t exactly have sky high expectations of it from the start and that’s probably why I kind of enjoyed it all. I mean it won’t win any oscar’s for its great story and compelling characters but somehow the premise with the tower and hoardes of monsters struck home with me as it reminded me of a sort of inverted Undermountain from AD&D.


Like Cake, You Cant Resist Hidamari Sketch

Saturday, July 5th, 2008
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I tried to resist watching the first episode of Hidamari Sketch x365 because I wanted to wait for a high quality version of the episode as opposed to [h00rjforce]’s but I could not stop myself. I went to check the quality and saw about 2 seconds of glory before I close the window and had a 5 minute internal battle as to whether to wait or not.

Of course, my will was too weak. And to h00rjforce’s credit, they did a fine job. I’ve always kept away from speed subs thanks to Jelly Caption Team’s botching of Air Gear, but this gave me hope for the future.

As for the episode, what can you say? I’m so horribly biased in favor of this show, it could just have a piece of animated doo doo for 18 minutes with one of the girls dancing in the background and I would love it. Though technically new material to anyone who has not read the manga, I was only briefly disappointed when I already knew all the punchlines coming. I could also feel the 4-koma feeling much more now that I knew it was a 4-koma, but SHAFT creatively separated each joke well.

It’s just that in the end, just seeing one of my favorite series animated again, I was able to feel that feeling of happiness you get when you discover a “masterpiece“.


Macross – Stupidity and beyond

Saturday, June 28th, 2008
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That’s a Thorax from Eve. I’m sure of it!

I usually don’t feel the need to go out and trash shows I don’t like. Most of the time I just stop watching and never think of them again but Macross Frontier has offended my senses in such ways that I feel I have to vent for a bit. Hell, I owe it to any show that manages to disgust me this much to atleast say something about it.