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Wanted: Hot Drama Recs!!!

Thursday, July 24th, 2008
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OKay, so I’ll be honest here… I need a little inspiration.  I am a bit of a drama ho’ yo, so what I’m looking for are some recommendations for some good live action errr Action!  Be it a good movie or even the most archaic drama series – I’m in, I’ve recently got all nostalgic on some older series so I am pretty much open to all suggestions (especially since my touch of death last post killed this blog LOL).  So suggest away as I am hoping my ole live action buddy Os will also be inspired in free for all drama goodness.   

PS:  Sorry but Swans ‘fricken’ Crossing DOES NOT COUNT!

Commercials Are the Bane of My Existence

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
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We all hate commercials -except on Super Bowl Sundays, apparently. For some reason those are just amazing for most of the country-.

The greatest thing about anime is the lack of commercials. Sure we have to sit through the part where a guy -who I swear is Kusanagi Tsuyoshi– or some woman says the name and motto of a few companies but that’s not so bad. OR IS IT? Leave it to someone to just find another fault in something that’s not so bad after all… You know the part I’m talking about. It happens right after the OP, a little after the 1:30 mark, usually. “Toyota. Drive your Dreamsu”.


How Paying for a Movie Can “KILL” You

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008
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As one can surmise from the title, I started to regret my decision about 15 seconds after I bought my ticket on my way to the auditorium. There are two other movies I’d rather see at the moment (Iron Man and Harold and Kumar) but my curiousity on how this’ll turn out outweighed the others so much that I impulsively called my friend and we ended up watching Death Note -I blame this post a little too-. No, I was not curious about how the movie will turn out, I saw the two parts ages ago when it first came out with subs. I was curious about the people who would show up and how many -and as an added bonus, if anyone cosplayed-. It was more for the Discovery Channel experience than the Death Note experience.

Turns out there were a bunch of people after all -but no cosplayers-. The auditorium was rather large and surprisingly, a lot of the seats were filled. No, it wasn’t jam packed like Iron probably was on opening night but if I had to guess it had the same amount of people as the second or third week of Iron Man. Of course there were weeaboos abound, my prime interest in coming to the movie. I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself -and judge them HARSHLY- when this one group of viewers started to clap when the English trailer for the Bleach movie was shown prior to the Death Note movie -Only shown in theaters for 2 DAYS! Get your tickets now!-. It sounded horrible. That’s when it hit me: Death Note could also be… dubbed.


ROOKIES – The Caps In The Title Are Enough to Pull You In

Monday, May 19th, 2008
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I also considered making this post’s title “ROOKIES is a homerun among doramas”… but that’s just some lame crap you’d find in a newspaper. This, as we all know, is definitely not a newspaper.

As you can tell, I really like ROOKIES (based off the manga with the same name). But why, though? Me, I dont really understand myself. It’s like GTO with baseball (no, not this. Bonus point if you get why I linked there)… actually it’s pretty much like every other drama/anime/series that has to do with teaching + some extra baseball scenes.

Before I go into the show, you know what I’d like to see in a show involving a school setting? Besides romance and other fantastic shoujo-y stuff that I just cant get enough of, I’d like to see some role reversal. Ever hear of a manga that has a teacher that comes in and makes his class into a group of badass students who are scholars by day and delinquents by night? Yeah, that’d be awesome. After a long day of studying for Todai and having silly relationships… you go out and battle other gangs in fights or graffiti battles (Jet Set Radio/Air Gear style) or something totally legit like that. (If you actually do know of such a title, I’d sure as hell want to know). But I digress, let’s get to the show.


Rebuild of Honey and Clover 2.01 – You Are (Not) Alone

Sunday, May 18th, 2008
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Honey and Clover is my favorite series ever. Period. There’s no tie for #1, it’s THE best. So when I heard that there was a Honey and Clover movie, I was psyched out of my mind.