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Random Goodness from Newt 1

Monday, July 28th, 2008
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I hope no-one minds me doing this, but I thought I’d share a few fun things with my fellow fans every now and then. (Gee I hope this works…)

Vampire Knight

First Up: I absolutely love Vampire Knight (like duh, Newt + Vampires = Awesome), however the ED theme from the anime is freaking wonderful. Therefore I think it is ringtone worthy. Download (see link below) and transfer to your phone (like I really have no idea) and then we will all be an army of undead awesomeness…. or not.

DOWNLOAD: Still Doll – Ending Theme Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight #01

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
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Yes, I realize that I am ten steps behind everyone else in the blogosphere who has already had the opportunity of blogging this series, and no, I don’t think my posts will be enlightening in the least. It’s just that I had every intention of sharing my thoughts on this episode when it first aired, but because of my inability to think during my unconscious hours at home while I was in school, I just didn’t have the energy to do anything except to doze off to sleep and vegetate in front of the screen. Mind you, I lack the eloquent writing skills of my fellow co-blogger, but I’ll try my best to compensate for my lack in just about everything with…uh, something that might satisfy. Then again, probably not. Read on, if you please…

Oh, and apologies in advance if I sound whiny in this post. I promise I’ll try to avoid it next time you find me writing here.

Yuki Cross and the Vampires

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
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Over the winter, I heard about Studio Deen’s news about adapting Matsuri HINO’s manga, Vampire Knight, into an anime. Awesome! Then they mentioned that Mamoru MIYANO (Mamo-chan! ♥) was going to be cast as Zero. Awesome x 2! I think that may have been the impetus for my return to watching anime. I love the manga, and if one of my favorite seiyuu was going to be cast as my favorite character, then it was a sign from the universe that I should resume my fangirlish ways.

So, a few episodes in, and truth be told, I’m disappointed.

Let’s start with the heroine, Yuki. Okay, I understand that she’s a popular seiyuu and that she was originally cast in the drama CDs as well, but I think choosing Yui HORIE as Yuki was an uninspired choice. There have been times while I was watching the show that I thought I was rewatching an episode of Fruits Basket, especially with Kyo and Yuki, err, Zero and Kaname over there.

Away from me, you crazy fangirls!

Which brings me to my second point — I realize that shoujo series, by their very nature, are formulaic, thriving on the same familiar cliches but adding a minor twist here and there. I know that. I’ve read and watched shoujo to get that. But what frustrates me about the first 2 episodes of Vampire Knight is a lot of time is wasted on atmosphere and emoting. YES, I get that Yuki has a childhood crush on Kaname. YES, I get that Kaname is awesome and beautiful and a god among vampires (and human fangirls). YES, I get that Zero is a little (or lot) jealous of Kaname and Yuki’s bond. Now what? Is Yuki actually going to do something about her crush? Of course not. Some days, I wish some of these shoujo heroines would actually join us in the 21st century and grow spines. And brains.

(Yes, yes, I know it’s not cute for a Japanese girl to admit her feelings in a coarse way, but sometimes, the long-drawn out crushes are so aggravating…)

Believe it or not, I actually enjoy HINO-sensei’s work. I read a couple of chapters of the Vampire Knight manga and thought it was beautiful, entrancing, and sexy — just like the way vampires are supposed to be. I don’t know what part of that isn’t transferring over to the anime, but to be fair, I’ll stick around for a few more episodes. It may just surprise me in the end.

This would’ve been more interesting had Zero pulled the trigger.