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I rise from dead – Result anticlimatic

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
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…that was until I read the recently translated chapter of Nana.  THEN the results ended in tears.  My boyfriend had the nerve to question my mental health!  Arse!  Okay so read chapter 78 and not be pissed….

I actually HAVE been away from civilised internet connections for quite some time, hence the lack of blogging activity, however I can’t reveal any details of my time away.  To do so would be a breach of national security in some random country you don’t care about…

Anyway, that aside.  I am back (and yes I pity all of you for having to put up with my dumb rants) and I need to blog like a maniac.  While I was away someone brainwashed me into liking Cat Street, and then they made a drama out of it… get ready to be inflicted by my fangirlisim.  AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE?!

I LOL now…  Love & Martinis,

Newt (New With Tags)

The Return of…who?

Monday, May 26th, 2008
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Hey guys, remember me? The one who was obsessing over Nobu and Hachi from Nana? Errr…probably not. Well, this is Maya, coming back from the dead world of the living. It’s been a hectic past few months in school, but I survived…and now I am HERE. I was told that I could write any way I want on just about anything, so uh…yeah. I’ll do that. Get ready for my flawed posts and my incoherent ramblings about the nothingness of life…err I mean anime.

Oh, and in case you STILL have absolutely no idea who this strange person is, it’s Maya from Itsumo. The blog isn’t dead, but it’s just sitting there, waiting to be touched. I didn’t get burnt out from blogging, but I stopped mainly due to the fact that the classes I’ve been taking in web and graphic design were / are very time-consuming and basically require my entire waking hours in order to succeed.

My writing skillz aren’t top-notch compared to everyone else, but I know I’m going enjoy writing here anyway. Thanks, Os, for the warm welcome. 😀

Os’ ulterior motives

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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As I’m sitting here writing this intro-post I can’t help but think of that paper I still have to finish, which is due.. yesterday, but then all these intro posts started appearing and I realized I was starting to drag my feet yet again. Starting to see a pattern here?

The reason I stopped blogging from the beginning was a slight case of jadedness and a big slice of laziness. I lost that spark that drove me to share my opinions on the various shows I was watching and writing became more a chore. Somewhere along the way the spark returned however and when Os asked me if I wanted to join a teamblog I thought why not, It’ll give me a good reason to start again.

I enjoy watching pretty much anything as long as it has a good story, but I have certain penchant for romance and shoujo so I think I’ll be in good company. My preference for romance somewhat aided my fall from enthustiastic anime lover to jaded has-been since I eventually started eventually started watching lots of harem shows to get my romance fix. I knew it was a bad idea, I knew it would lead to disaster and possibly mental deterioration but I couldn’t stop myself. Let’s say I’m older and wiser now and hope it’s true.

Anyway, as I was keeping track of the progress of this site I noticed a countdown coming up, provided by none other than! It all became clear to me after that. At first I wanted to run for the hills but when I thought about it Os is quite the catch so maybe being part of his harem won’t be so bad after all. I guess I’ll find out!

The Prodigal Sons and Daughters

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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Seven months, eleven days, eleven hours, and a few odd minutes. Less than a full year kept me away from anime blogging. So much for bidding a semi-tearful adieu. I’d blame Os for the getting me out of retirement. But who am I kidding? Many moons ago, I enjoyed aniblogging, and I miss it. (Thanks, Os!)

Rapid changes in the aniblogging community does not surprise me. Only a few short months away from the, err, scene, I am unfamiliar to the current vogue and to the relatively new blogs out there (I’ll catch up soon!). And except for a small percentage of, um, old-timers out there, I am a definite unknown to most of you. Note that blogging age is like dog age.

To everyone, call me Ten. I used to run ysp:duh!. Let’s just say, I was burnt out, I got out, and now, I am back. Yay! to Os for organizing the fun, and Yay! to Anna, Newt, and Matte for joining in the fun.

Quick stats. Expect lots of manga pimpage from yours truly. Possibly, dorama talk. I am partial to fantasy, shoujo, the quirky, and the funny. I spit on uber-angsty wtf melodrama. I am drawn to the fighting genre, and I have an unhealthy obsession with One Piece.

Being one of five, especially with Os at the helm, takes off the anxiety of regular posting. This suits my procrastinating nature.

Where everybody knows your name

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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Not to sound like a total lush, but this anime blogosphere is like this really awesome bar, you know. When I first discovered it, only a couple of guys were regulars. Maybe a small handful. It was strictly a boys-only establishment, where the main topic of conversation involved boobies and stuff blowing up.

But then, some of the guys decided that they needed girls in the mix, and so they decided to let us play. And then, all of a sudden, more people started to hear about it, and get involved, and bring their friends into it as well.

Till that one day when the low-key hangout became this loud, raucous amalgamation of people, all screaming at the top of their lungs in order to be heard.


Don’t get me wrong — I didn’t “exit” this blogging scene because it became too loud; this thing called life just got in the way of my fangirling. Truth to be told, I really missed the people — from the old timers to the regulars to the new kids — and what everybody had to say about this common interest that we all share.

And that’s why I’m humbled and honored to be invited to this group blog. Thanks, Os for bringing this chick into the fold.

By the way, I’m Anna (aka Reika) of TokyoJupiter. I’ve renamed my blog 2 screenshot limit, but I haven’t really done much with it in the past months. I enjoy shoujo anime & manga first and foremost, but I’ve also been known to squee over a giant robot here and there. I have a cat named Renji — yes, inspired by that Bleach character — and I think I own more than 1,000 volumes of manga. (My roommate and I call our apartment the Fangirl Abode of Doom, but anyway).

Nice to meet you, and to see you again.

Oh, I can see what you’ve done there…. not really.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008
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First up I would like to point out how thrilled I am to be a part of Kono Sono’s epic revival. Oh I meant part of Natsukashii’s epic opening… This has nothing to do with Os holding my cat ransom at all. In any way, shape, or form. I am here. Of my. Own. Free. Will. Honest.

Crappy attempt at humour aside…

Disclaimer: What follows is my rather sucky attempt at a (re)intro post. It will largely be unentertaining and space-wasting, however YOU WILL READ IT ANYWAY. Or not, and I’ll never know. So, meh.

That title has absolutely NOTHING to do with what I’m about to write. At all. I have to let you in on something: I am possibly the most unmotivated blogger and fangirl in existence. However that is not going to stop me from thrusting upon you my most incoherent babblings and somewhat disturbing fetish for vampires. Alas, the mighty have fallen. And I don’t mean me.

So let me make a myspace worthy profile for you: Kim-Mari aka Newt, age undisclosed due to birth certificates not being invented at the time, New Zeelander, Smoke: NO, Drink: YES PLEASE, enjoys short walks with views of graveyards, fast cars, the color red, and spending money on shoes. (I have a myspacey picture to go with this profile but I won’t subject you to it’s fauxemo).

For those of you that don’t know me (and aren’t already running for the hills), I used to blog anime sort of regularly a little while back. I’m a miss 20-something who still really loves anime and manga, with a slight obsession with live action drama series. I have a habit of gushing over any and nearly every series with a blood sucker involved. Some of my personal favorites include Blood+, Trinity Blood, and Vampire Knight. Get the picture? NO?? Well, you’ll catch on eventually…

And Here You Thought We Were Dead…

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008
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UNTRUE. It turns out we were on a Hiatus -we just didn’t know it until right now-.

So what is all this? Well, this is the intro post. I’ve written 4 of these now. I’m like the Larry Brown of Aniblogging (LOL that’s a Jason Miao NBA joke. Get it Lolikit?). See, thing is, though, this isn’t like a normal intro post. I’m not actually new to the aniblogging scene. Odds are, I may even be your senpai when it comes to aniblogging (I plan to make a timeline of all this, but that’s for a future project). And the people co-blogging with me? They’re MY senpais. Let me introduce my colorful cast (In the order of which I received their e-mails):

Ten – Yummy Sushi Pajamas: Duh!
Matte – Chotto Matte!
Newt – Pretty Scythe
Anna – Tokyojupiter

(They may or may not make their own intro posts. You should know them by now, though)

Their common trait? Well yeah, they’re all anibloggers, but let’s stop being a smartass for a second, please. I know you thought it. I asked these people simply because they’ve linked my blog at one point. That just shows that intercommunity relationships are strong and people like me remember them even now. Just what Author wanted… damn. Falling into his trap again.

As the one and only other post on this blog (so far) may seem to imply, I initially wanted to create this blog just for me and call it Os-ism… well because I have a giant e-penor from my past experience on the interweb when it came to aniblogging. But, I just cant work alone. I’m too afraid. So I’ve decided to enlist others and these are the ones that replied to me (You others, shame on you. Check your e-mails. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU’RE READING THIS… well, actually you dont or you probably would’ve replied… hm).

Either way, this blog is really just a place for us to get that passion we once had back but this time, MINUS the pressure. I used to blog everyday because I felt obligated to. Eventually, my real life caught up to me and then I felt it to be chore-like to blog. I burnt out. The others, they felt the same. But here, it’s all fun.

So if you still dont get it by now… IT’S KONO SONO VERSION 3 AN EPIC REVIVAL OF THE BLOGGERS YOU LOVED FROM WAY BACK WHEN (at least one of ’em has to be. Come on. Otherwise, you’re just too new to all of this… you noob)!

Note: If you’re an old ani-blogger looking to get your flame back, feel free to contact me.

Note2: You can change the blog’s layout using the “Theme” button “drop-down menu” located on the right! Isn’t that cool? As of this post, we have three. They were created by my friend Tim who runs MoonlightJade. It’s a relatively new ani-blog, but he tells me you can even download animu off there directly. Check it out.