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Tortoise Fansubs, you guys are geniuses, I give you credit. You wanted to do something original and you sure did: they subbed an Aria drama cd. First, they’re awesome because it was an Aria drama cd. Second, it was a drama cd. I never even thought of that. NEVER did I think that drama cds could be… “subbed” the way they did it.

You see, they didn’t just take the drama cd and translate it into a text file, they made it to an .mkv so it’s like your watching another episode of Aria… except… you’re just watching a still… picture. Think an eroge except… there is no naughtiness nor a change in the picture… look. It kicks ass.

Hopefully this is the beginning of so much more. I’ve always wanted to listen to a drama cd but because of obvious moonspeak reasons, I was never able to.

Plus, this is Aria. I’m not in a mood to write a post about the “Navigation 1” -read: episode 1-, but let me tell you, it was nostalgic, a wonderful feeling, and the time flew by just as fast as if I was watching a normal episode. I could picture it all in my head and I still felt the chills of something amazing.

Highly recommended for those just hankering for anything Aria.

Oh, and if you’re totally into this kind of thing, help them out. I want moar.

So let me end this post with something else Aria-related. This is a quote of a comment left by some user on the Aria torrent on Boxtorrents:

“I have no idea why people are saying this is an outstanding show, but I’ll rate this as 7/10 at best. Sure, there’s a nice setting of Venezuela to set the mood, and there are some heart warming parts here and there, with a slight kiddish touch to it to reinforce the slow paced show. BUT!!! In comparison to Fruit Basket… this is JUST, a mediocre show. With a small budget for 13 episodes, the plot isn’t well developed to give   the audience, well at least for me, the tear spewing experience I had from watching Fruit Basket. Nor did it gave an everlasting heart warming experience that makes me hesitate  to even consider deleting this show to free a few gig of space on my hard drive. I seriously recommend only watching this show so you can get the prelude for ARIA The Natural (season2). And hopefully, season2 gives this show justice of what it could of been which I haven’t downloaded yet D:

Similar show: Fruit basket. All the heart warming, tear spewing… -in short whatever Aria offers you will get from this show.

[insert a long wall of unnecessary text here]

Lol congrats for reading this wall of txt. Hopefully it’s not done in vain.”

I saved you the trouble of reading the rest of his/her comment but LOLOLOLOL.

Firstly this person doesn’t really understand nor appreciate the pacing of a slice of life. I’m not sure they understood anything when it comes to Aria because after 13 episodes, they believed the setting is Venezuela. Do I really need to go on? Take that, Italy.

Next, they say that the Fruba anime is better. Now I believe the Fruba anime pales in comparison to the manga. Then again, I generally believe the anime adaptations cannot compare to it’s manga predecessor simply for the looks. When you make an anime, the animator has to draw the same thing countless times so it’s not as detailed thus not as pretty. So that takes away a little. Plus, the anime never really gives you closure and that’s just damn annoying -note: I’m aware the reason for lack of closure was b/c they ended the anime before the manga, but still-.

But let’s take the series as a whole. Is Fruba more “tear-spewing” and “heart warming” than Aria? I’d like to say no. The Fruba manga dragged on for far too long, milking it for what it’s worth out of their bishies. Now the Aria anime, one can argue, also drags on for a long time, but it’s the whole slice of life thing that makes it original for a long time. It’s not always necessary to see the episode before to enjoy the current episode. And depending on what you’ve been through in life, every episode could make you ‘spew tears’. Maybe I’m just being a d-bag. They’re both very moving series, though, and I like ’em both.

Then this person goes on to say that the only reason you’d watch Aria the Animation is to get to season 2, The Natural… or so they think because they haven’t even seen the show yet. They’re just critiquing it off of assumptions alone. Buddy, it’s more of the same and it’s just as kick ass.

I dunno, I just felt this this slight pang of annoyance/anger. The same pang I get from reading something like Erika Friedman (scroll down a little bit) saying that Aria is yuri. Damn it, you bitch.

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  1. Comment by moyismNo Gravatar:

    Just throwing it out there, but [OTL] did the same with the Kanon’s audio CDs but went the extra step and actually made full videos as if you’re playing/watching the game. Now THAT’S insane!

    But still, props to any group for translating/subbing drama CDs. We need more folks like them out there!

  2. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Wah, for real? That DOES sound insane. If only I was into Kanon, though…

  3. Comment by IcyStormNo Gravatar:

    Os, we need to form some kind of… army against Aria haters (and Hirano Aya haters, so lolikit won’t be allowed =] lololol).

  4. Comment by SkhNo Gravatar:

    Doremi also subbed a few drama CD tracks some time ago: one related to Sola, and one related to Planetarian. But as moyism said, props to OTL for their job on the Kanon drama CDs. Their job on it is really fantastic.

    Anyway, “watching” this drama track was wonderful, and it had the same relaxing atmosphere as the show did. Looking forward for more.

  5. Comment by SasaNo Gravatar:

    Wow, this is what I’d call commitment to the fandom O.o I’ll definitely check it out.

    Oh, this person really is an idiot. However, I do think that there are anime that are better than the manga – Aria is not the best example because the manga works better for me on some levels (it’s *always* beautifully drawn while the anime has some animation mishaps in my opinion), but Honey & Clover definitely is. Sure, the manga is nice, but all the greatness of the manga is being amplified in the anime and I felt everything much more intensely. (And yes, I have read the manga before watching the series, so it’s not like I prefer the anime because I watched it first.) Oh, and I actually preferred the Furuba anime ending over the loooong manga ending where it was so clear that the bishie who was more popular with the fans won Tooru over.

  6. Comment by ZerobladeNo Gravatar:

    Having seen only an episode or two of the Fruits Basket anime, I can’t really say much, but to compare the two series, being in completely different genres, and to presume that Aria was made to be a tear-jerker show, and even believed the setting to be Valenzuela… I can’t help but agree. Agree and laugh.

    And honestly, I actually kinda prefer a text file or something because I’m usually busy with school work, and well, text takes up less space on my monitor >_>

  7. Comment by TheBigNNo Gravatar:

    I’d have to say that the Furuba manga is more tear-jerking than ARIA, but other than that, everything else from that reader shows that he/she probably was misguided about the point of ARIA.

    But it’s good to see more groups sub drama CDs. I saw examples where the group that fansubbed Hitohira (a fun watch) subbed and provided stills from the anime for the show’s drama works. And then there are the Shigofumi dramas done which make me anticipate the OVA a little more. :3

  8. Comment by lionheartNo Gravatar:

    so cute! I love it.

  9. Comment by RukiNo Gravatar:

    That box torrent guy… burn him!

  10. Comment by otou-sanNo Gravatar:

    A lot of people seem to confuse “sad” or “dramatic” with depth and quality. What Aria may lack in that over-the-top anime drama it makes up for in actual quality of writing/characters. Besides, their comparisons are a little surface to me. You don’t hear me saying “this was ok but I liked Evangelion better…” or something.

    I did like the Natural more, but looking at it objectively, it is the same stuff, so I can’t imagine saying it’s the only reason to watch season 1.

    I’m not sure they understood anything when it comes to Aria because after 13 episodes, they believed the setting is Venezuela

    that about sums it up…

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  13. Comment by IllusiaNo Gravatar:

    I had no idea others had the same idea 8D… Oh well. Sorry for the late post. I subbed some Aria drama tracks too – rather randomly, though. Regardless, hail Tortoise for sharing the fandom.

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