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The Peak of Anime Blogging

Sunday, June 10th, 2012
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Gather ’round, kiddos. Let me tell you a story:

A couple weeks ago, I was able to meet up with Lolikit and reminisce about anime blogging. It was like how we imagined we would meet: we’d be oldbies, sitting together, eating, drinking, sighing, and fangirling about the classic anime from back in the day: the mid… 2000s. We definitely talked about “The Golden Age.” When I brought back Natsukashii, I tried to coin that term whenever I alluded to the time when /I/ was blogging. Selfish emphasis on “I.” More on that later.

It truly was a golden age. There were so many blogs out there, yet everyone was connected. And in some twisted, enigmatic, multi-cultural sense, we were all just one big family. Albeit, an extremely nerdy family teeming with an unhealthy love for Japanese cartoons. A family where everyone was related by something more than just a bloodline, and in some sense, there was some incest going on -open to interpretation. Everyone read each others’ blogs and left comments. Some comments were simply inside jokes -plant rape, anyone?- while others fostered serious conversation. Hell, I was just being facetious trying to coin that term, but it’s actually starting to sound like the actual Golden Age. And I quote Wikipedia, ” By extension ‘Golden Age’ denotes a period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity.” Let’s break that well-written Wikipedia tidbit down.


Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – Why is it always like this

Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
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Oh, the irony…

So I’m a bit pissed about the ending of Tetsuwan Birdy Decode which is a bit weird because I didn’t have any expectations going into this show, and while it was actually pretty good it’s not top 10 by any means. The reason why I’m pissed is perhaps a minor detail to some, or even a boon to the show to others but it really got under my skin.

I’m talking about the god damn piss poor cowardly cop out between Senkawa and Nagasuki. Memory loss? You have got to be f-.. did they just do that? What was the point of slowly building up their relationship and actually giving them some great chemistry if you’re just going to throw it all away in the end. It’s time to grow a pair and actually show some progression and development at the end of a show instead of this reset bullshit.

I Got Put in Weeaboo Moonspeak 101

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008
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Rather, it was all my /choice fault and “Weeaboo 101” is actually “Japanese 101”.

So classes started today for me and in an attempt to raise my cellar-dwelling gpa, I decided to take Japanese 101. I mean, how bad could it be? I have so many things going for me: 1) My roomate is at least a lvl 4 Japanese speaker 2) I watch so much dramas and anime, I know a bunch of random and maybe necessary phrases already 3) It’s a 101 course. If High School was any indication, at least the first stage should be chump change.

Deshou? Things are good. That is, until I get there and we actually start speaking the language. I dunno what’s wrong. I’m Asian. So if an Asian language comes out of my mouth, it SHOULD seem normal. But I guess being a closet fan of anime and doramas just makes this a little awkward for me. I straight up dislike weeaboos. Those who would see a Naruto plushie at my local bookstore and just squeel “Kawaii~”. Those who yell “Sugoi~” every chance she got at Otakon. Those people.

So when I start learning the language legit and saying the stuff, it sorta just stumbles out of my mouth awkwardly, yet it’s so crisply said in my head. We did greetings today. “Hajimemashite” and the such. IT JUST FELT SO WEIRD. I felt very hypocritical. I mean, it’ll probably go away over time seeing as I may have to take more courses to minor in East Asian Studies but for now… Yappei.

3 Irrelevant Subjects Unless You Understand: Geass 19/Karoshi/J-Music

Friday, August 22nd, 2008
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First Irrelevant Subject UNLESS YOU KNOW: Code Geass R2 Ep.19

Infamous S1 Nina Scene

This episode just pissed me off all around. Not, legitimately “[you] pissed me off”, but pissed me off in the sense that I was into the episode -well, as much as I could get into it as I could be seeing how downhill Geass is heading, but I digress- and if it was real, I’d be pissed. Everyone overall sucked. LeDouche, being who he is, is generally annoying and no where even close to epic anymore, but I was on his side for this episode.

Everyone who betrayed him, pissed me off. No matter the means, the guy got you to where you were and of course you have to take some sacrifices. Of course, trying to play hero or something, he could’ve told them the truth but he’s one of those “take it as another chip on your shoulder” guys… Or he’s just stupid. I wouldn’t be too sad if he died, it’s just that everyone else sucked more than him this episode.


Now That’s Just Damn Creative / Random D-baggery

Monday, August 18th, 2008
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Tortoise Fansubs, you guys are geniuses, I give you credit. You wanted to do something original and you sure did: they subbed an Aria drama cd. First, they’re awesome because it was an Aria drama cd. Second, it was a drama cd. I never even thought of that. NEVER did I think that drama cds could be… “subbed” the way they did it.

You see, they didn’t just take the drama cd and translate it into a text file, they made it to an .mkv so it’s like your watching another episode of Aria… except… you’re just watching a still… picture. Think an eroge except… there is no naughtiness nor a change in the picture… look. It kicks ass.


Another Project to Fail At?: AMVs

Monday, August 11th, 2008
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I had a magnificent time this weekend at Otakon -a post about that will come later- and one reason why it was so great was the time I spent watching AMVs. They were nothing short of spectacular… and I want to… try?

But I have no idea what the hell I’m doing. Help me out? Recommend me the right programs? If you know anything about doing all this, push me in the right direction. I want to move you like I was moved by this.

Summertime Calls for Well, Summer Shows

Monday, August 4th, 2008
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Now to most, if not all students, Summertime is a key point in your life. That’s where most of your youth goes. I, myself, have so many summer memories that when it gets to a certain point during the summer, I just stop and go, “This is it”.

Forget my personal life, this applies to entertainment, too. When I watch J-movies or shows, I get considerably excited when certain things happen: School festival episodes, beach episodes -which subsequently leads to fireworks scenes-, graduation episodes, and you know, summer stuff.

My youth, your youth, OUR youth is not coming back so when I get this feeling watching some shows or movies, I’m just satisfied with life. I’m also satisfied with the unorganized rambling you’re about to read. So. Warning: I could just change to another idea on the drop of a dime so this is not the most professional post I’ve written in a while. I just haven’t written anything in a while.


Copyright and Fansubs: And here we go again…

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
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“Fansubs are EVIIIIILLLLL!!”

It’s true. We, who download fansubs, should be tortured and crucified and burned. In that order. Or at least, according to some dude in some panel in some con. Not his exact words. I paraphrased. (Or I might have made up some words.)

Yup. The same old spiel comes around every six months. It alternates with the “Support the Industry” bandwagon. And as a not-so-humble blogger and fan, I share an extremely biased and non-scientific and layman observation. I propose four camps, four distinct reactions on the “frakkin’ issue” that will never ever, ever die.

1. “Fansubs kill the industry,” says holier-than-thou individuals, spewing teachings of downloading guilt and shame.

2. “There are no downsides to fansubs,” says the naive fan, possibly in his early teens and not exactly earning his own living. Again, I theorize. You may flame me for the presumption.

3. “Fansubs is a complex issue that blah, blah, blah TL-DR,” says mostly reasonable individuals who can’t help but rehash the frakkin’ subject because of annoyance to pretension and to hypocrisy.

4. “Huh? Didn’t we discuss this before?” says the indifferent cynic, unfazed by the hoopla. He watches anime rather than involve himself to another of “those” discussions.

Frankly, I’d like to see myself in the fourth category with all the cool and calm they exude. Alas, I fall into the third category. I can’t help myself. But whichever side I am on, it matters not. I write not to rationalize and/or defend my downloading habits. Nor I count how many DVDs I collect each year to prove my worth as an enthusiast. I write to reiterate my layman views on fansubs, copyright, and new media.

Fighting fansubs, which is an integral part of the anime community, is like fighting against the tide. A tactic of threat, intimidation, and condemnation will not work against the Internet Generation. If one avenue goes down, another takes its place. As seen in the ever-evolving file-sharing networks.

Wallowing on traditional methods will potentially fossilize aging ideas. To survive the business game means to adapt, the most basic of survival skills. Inflexibility and echoing a dated stance blind old players from trying out fresher avenues. As with new media, competing with fansubs requires a brand new business model. Think iTunes, and how it monopolized digital music. Think streaming episodes on broadcast networks websites, and the profits generated on advertising. Think Radiohead’s In Rainbows embracing digital download, and garnering commercial success.

Instead of looking at fansubs as parasites of the community, why not view it as an organism co-existing with the anime industry in mutualism? At least, that’s what the idealistic part of my brain screams. The question now is “How?”.

For an exceptionally satisfying lambasting, head to Hinano.
For meatier reads, head to omo and Paul.
For rage, head to this dude.
For a good laugh, head here.

Macross – Stupidity and beyond

Saturday, June 28th, 2008
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That’s a Thorax from Eve. I’m sure of it!

I usually don’t feel the need to go out and trash shows I don’t like. Most of the time I just stop watching and never think of them again but Macross Frontier has offended my senses in such ways that I feel I have to vent for a bit. Hell, I owe it to any show that manages to disgust me this much to atleast say something about it.