Blame Anime Blogging for Facebook Addiction TRACK TOP
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I wouldn’t categorize myself as a legend of anime blogging, but I felt that I had decent traffic when I was consistently writing back in ’07. And with decent traffic, comes a decent amount of comments. And whenever I would refresh my front page and see that I had another comment, I’d get a quick shot of adrenaline. I’d get the following thoughts: “What kind of comment is it going to be? Who is it from? I hope it’s not someone trolling me. I wonder what my stats are now? How large is my e-ego right now?”

To constantly get this… rush, I would do my best to pump out a post every day of varying quality. Some pros by doing such a thing was that I grew as a writer, I was able to improve my writing, build stamina, and teach myself the tricks to bringing in traffic (protip: experience has shown me that a catchy post title does wonders). Some cons include questionable post quality, and a dishonest mentality to blogging, which I feel should be a pure expression of anime fandom. Ultimately, that selfishness lead to my downfall. I burned out and retained my huge ego -which took a while to come down.

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The Peak of Anime Blogging TRACK TOP
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Gather ’round, kiddos. Let me tell you a story:

A couple weeks ago, I was able to meet up with Lolikit and reminisce about anime blogging. It was like how we imagined we would meet: we’d be oldbies, sitting together, eating, drinking, sighing, and fangirling about the classic anime from back in the day: the mid… 2000s. We definitely talked about “The Golden Age.” When I brought back Natsukashii, I tried to coin that term whenever I alluded to the time when /I/ was blogging. Selfish emphasis on “I.” More on that later.

It truly was a golden age. There were so many blogs out there, yet everyone was connected. And in some twisted, enigmatic, multi-cultural sense, we were all just one big family. Albeit, an extremely nerdy family teeming with an unhealthy love for Japanese cartoons. A family where everyone was related by something more than just a bloodline, and in some sense, there was some incest going on -open to interpretation. Everyone read each others’ blogs and left comments. Some comments were simply inside jokes -plant rape, anyone?- while others fostered serious conversation. Hell, I was just being facetious trying to coin that term, but it’s actually starting to sound like the actual Golden Age. And I quote Wikipedia, ” By extension ‘Golden Age’ denotes a period of primordial peace, harmony, stability, and prosperity.” Let’s break that well-written Wikipedia tidbit down.

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Wanted: Garten of Memento Anime Blog TRACK TOP
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I’m feeling natsukashii (get it?).

Does anyone have ANY information on Garten from the now defunct Memento Anime Blog? I cant even find a cache of Memento. I’ll take ANYTHING.

He is my hero, and that will never change.

An English Blog About the Situation in Japan TRACK TOP
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I doubt anyone ever comes here anymore, but this is the only place I could think of putting the link below. It’s a blog run by my Japanese friend. There’s not much to say about it. He’s a Japanese guy who really just cares. I wish I could make a difference, but I have nothing. It hasn’t even been a year since I’ve been to Japan but seeing as I’ve been so immersed in this culture, I cannot help but feel a strong connection.

I dunno, just wanted to place this link here.

Os x Japan. What to do? TRACK TOP
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So, it’s finally happening. You know how when you start to REALLY get into this anime stuffs and in a wave of passion you declare that you’re going to Japan only to have the reality of life smack you down? Yeah. Suck it, reality. For two weeks (may 14/15-28), I am gonna EFF UP JAPAN.

Now I’ve been out of country before (England) but I was a wee lad and I was with my family. This time, I’m all by myself. Problem with going by myself -and considering that it’s me- is that I’m pretty noobish to this traveling abroad thing. I have no idea what to do. So here I am, asking the community I once considered as close as a brother/sister -now you guys are more like a cousin- for some help.

What do I bring? Practical things like a plug adapter? Impractical things like my Aya Hirano photobook in case I randomly run into her? Do you have tips? Keep one of those lame ass traveler’s packs? Bring a credit card? I need to look up what traveler’s checks are. Where should I go? If you’ve been to Japan already, tell me things I should know!

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Ramblings: The Age Old Issue of Knowing When To Stop TRACK TOP
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I haven’t written a post in over a year. This blog is dead. To me and about 5 other people, we will look back on this website and think “Natsukashii~” (Get it? Because it’s the name AND the expression! THAT’S how clever I once was). Others will look back, and scoff, especially after that last attempt to be funny. I doubt don’t think anyone during my “time” (which I have deemed The Golden Age of ani-blogging) still blogs, either. Well, I can’t say “doubt” because I haven’t actually checked, but I think it’s a safe assumption. I also think it is okay to claim that I am officially an “oldbie” now. I don’t even know if Lolikit still blogs, and he’s the one who hosts me. What I DO know, is that my hero Garten doesn’t blog anymore. I always wanted to meet him, shake his hand, thank him, kidnap him, and have him tell me bed time stories… anything. Unfortunately, that stuff wont happen and  it seems I’m going off on a tangent already, so I’ll get to that in a bit. I need to set it all up first:

The other day, I was killing time before going out to dinner, so I decided to check up on Anime Nano. After skimming the first two pages, NOTHING was familiar to me. “How could that even be possible?”, I asked myself, but with more profanity and saying something entirely different (the idea is the same though). I used to check Anime News Network, Blogsuki,, Anime Nano, Tokyo Toshokan, and all these different blogs religiously. I would put aside at least an hour everyday to go through the works and catch up on the latest news and start downloading the “it” shows. I WAS AT THE TOP OF MY GAME. I KNEW WHAT EVERYONE WAS TALKING ABOUT. I WAS THE SHIT (hence the caps).

Now, I go to none of them, and recognize nothing (here, caps are only at the beginning of the sentence and proper nouns). Read the remainder of this entry »

Geass(e) Scientifically Revealed TRACK TOP
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So I’m supposed to be paying attention in class when my eyes wander across the large periodic table hung up on the auditorium walls and it just sticks out to me like a sore thumb. I cant believe I never noticed this:

I really should start paying more attention…

I rise from dead – Result anticlimatic TRACK TOP
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…that was until I read the recently translated chapter of Nana.  THEN the results ended in tears.  My boyfriend had the nerve to question my mental health!  Arse!  Okay so read chapter 78 and not be pissed….

I actually HAVE been away from civilised internet connections for quite some time, hence the lack of blogging activity, however I can’t reveal any details of my time away.  To do so would be a breach of national security in some random country you don’t care about…

Anyway, that aside.  I am back (and yes I pity all of you for having to put up with my dumb rants) and I need to blog like a maniac.  While I was away someone brainwashed me into liking Cat Street, and then they made a drama out of it… get ready to be inflicted by my fangirlisim.  AND YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE?!

I LOL now…  Love & Martinis,

Newt (New With Tags)

It’s A One Liner: Blogger Panel TRACK TOP
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I didn’t go to NYAF, but I’ve watched about 5 minutes of the video of the anime blogging panel so far and all I gotta say is… NEEDS MOAR HUNG-HOSTING.

This doesn’t count: Clever, play on words, JPMEYER… “DAN-GO”…

Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – Why is it always like this TRACK TOP
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Oh, the irony…

So I’m a bit pissed about the ending of Tetsuwan Birdy Decode which is a bit weird because I didn’t have any expectations going into this show, and while it was actually pretty good it’s not top 10 by any means. The reason why I’m pissed is perhaps a minor detail to some, or even a boon to the show to others but it really got under my skin.

I’m talking about the god damn piss poor cowardly cop out between Senkawa and Nagasuki. Memory loss? You have got to be f-.. did they just do that? What was the point of slowly building up their relationship and actually giving them some great chemistry if you’re just going to throw it all away in the end. It’s time to grow a pair and actually show some progression and development at the end of a show instead of this reset bullshit.