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I didn’t go to NYAF, but I’ve watched about 5 minutes of the video of the anime blogging panel so far and all I gotta say is… NEEDS MOAR HUNG-HOSTING.

This doesn’t count: Clever, play on words, JPMEYER… “DAN-GO”…

4 comments to “It’s A One Liner: Blogger Panel”

  1. Comment by blissmoNo Gravatar:

    Aha, I watched the whole thing

  2. Comment by HungNo Gravatar:

    I think it could’a used more Hung too. Was he even invited? No. He might’ve gone to NY if he was invited. Why am I writing this in third person!?

  3. Comment by VictorNo Gravatar:

    If you’re really Hung, you’re really funny. If they’ve invited him, the event could have been livelier. Or maybe not.

  4. Comment by free run zalando:

    free run zalando…

    Natsukashii Anime Blog » It’s A One Liner: Blogger Panel…

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