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I wouldn’t categorize myself as a legend of anime blogging, but I felt that I had decent traffic when I was consistently writing back in ‘07. And with decent traffic, comes a decent amount of comments. And whenever I would refresh my front page and see that I had another comment, I’d get a quick shot of adrenaline. I’d get the following thoughts: “What kind of comment is it going to be? Who is it from? I hope it’s not someone trolling me. I wonder what my stats are now? How large is my e-ego right now?”

To constantly get this… rush, I would do my best to pump out a post every day of varying quality. Some pros by doing such a thing was that I grew as a writer, I was able to improve my writing, build stamina, and teach myself the tricks to bringing in traffic (protip: experience has shown me that a catchy post title does wonders). Some cons include questionable post quality, and a dishonest mentality to blogging, which I feel should be a pure expression of anime fandom. Ultimately, that selfishness lead to my downfall. I burned out and retained my huge ego -which took a while to come down.

Fast forward. I’ve since stopped blogging, and despite immense resistance initially, I eventually bought into Facebook. Not only did I sell out, I became addicted. They won. It won. It really didn’t hit me until this summer, either. That was when I started to really get into Facebook. I went on trips to all sorts of places and started sharing photos. Those got comments and likes. Then, I started to post random status updates. Those got comments and likes. Those comments started to increase. Reach double digits. You can tell where this was going. Before I knew it, I was a serial spammer. You know those people.

It wasn’t until a friend told me one day that I update too much that I realized how bad it got. I tried to ween myself away from Facebook. Instead of checking constantly, make an effort to only check once and hour. The longer the gap between checks, the better. I started to reflect. No one really gives a crap about where I am right now, and it showed via the amount of comments and likes. Yet, people liked and commented on a bunch of stuff that sounded interesting. Gotta stick to the latter, but I gotta make it count.

Sound familar? It was the same as the rush I got from comments from ani-blogging, except this was much easier and lower-brow. Hur Hur, “I saw Mary Poppins at Disney World. I mistook her for a random geisha.” Like. Like. Like.

Anyone think I’m onto something? (Legitimately not trying to comment hunt with that question) I think that by typing this out, at least I am expressing some shame and slight disgust for the social network monster I’ve become. Ironically, I wont be posting this on Facebook -I have yet to embrace my online persona and my real life persona. What I will do once I post this, though, is check my Facebook. I’ve been sucked right back into this black hole.

Unrelated: I bought my first manga since Borders closed down. I hate supporting B&N, but it was nice to buy manga again.

18 comments to “Blame Anime Blogging for Facebook Addiction”

  1. Comment by Ryan ANo Gravatar:

    I wonder what would happen of you did embrace both personae. A coalescence perhaps.

  2. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Explosion, Ryan. An explosion.

  3. Comment by Mitchell IsidroNo Gravatar:

    So, when did you start blogging? In the past couple of years I’ve been interested, but I never really got around to it partially because I didn’t know how I should start. The problem is now though is that I’m a freshman at UC Irvine so it’s one heck of a time to regain a serious consideration of blogging, am I right?

    I also need to stop checking facebook often. I check at least once when I’m in a front of pc and often I’ll go back in 30 min. I personally define that as bad. haha

  4. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    I started in… ‘06-’07? I cant speak for today, but the average life of a blogger isn’t that long. It takes a lot of work if you’re addicted to stats like I was. I tried to keep it up in college, but I couldn’t keep up -I had a lot of procrastination to do, after all.

    College exacerbates the whole facebook addiction. I know how it is.

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  7. Comment by Download Anime OSTsNo Gravatar:

    Sometimes I wish I have time blogging.

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  8. Comment by Anime blogNo Gravatar:

    I honestly wouldn’t say that it’s addicting. Even though I don’t fully agree I still think it’s a nice post. Well done!

  9. Comment by air classic bw:

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    Natsukashii Anime Blog » Blame Anime Blogging for Facebook Addiction…

  10. Comment by FisioterapiaNo Gravatar:

    You should keep on writing, even if it’s from time to time. We miss it.

  11. Comment by MattNo Gravatar:

    Hi Os. I also love anime blogging!

  12. Comment by Charles BigsonNo Gravatar:

    Yeah… i do understand what you mean… but what can i do… anime rocks and sometimes a little addictions does good.

  13. Comment by Nico Bicicletas ElectricasNo Gravatar:

    I totally agree! It happens the same to me all the time…oh well! we can’t be helped, ne? ^_^

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  15. Comment by DraculaNo Gravatar:

    how addictive or not depends on each user each has a different opinon

  16. Comment by antalya diş hekimleriNo Gravatar:

    good nice

  17. Comment by Expert DominanteNo Gravatar:

    I love anime! I discovery your blog now… It is cool!!

  18. Comment by casco antiguo bilbaoNo Gravatar:

    you should keep writing anime!!

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