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I planned to be a Danboard also but it was hastily put together so when I saw this on the street on the way to my hotel… I just gave up and threw it away. Perfectly made. Either way. Warning: A long post.

I had quite possibly one of the best weekends ever and it may be my best con experience out of 6 overall attempts (4 Otakon Trips, 2 AUSA trips). By now, you’d think I’d get bored of cons, but well, it’s places like these where it’s just okay for you wear that damned Naruto headband. It’s okay. For three days only will I accept the silly hand motions you make just to eat your cheeseburger. For three days only, I will accept you walking around and yelling “Sugoi” at every reference you may get. For three days only, up is down and and gay is straight while straight is yuri.

The thing was, I didn’t even do that many things… Otakon-y. My wonderful experience pretty much came from being able to meet so many other bloggers and spending time with two in particular. I dont even know where to start. I’ll go chronologically but so much happened this weekend I really dont think it’s all sunk in yet, really. Man, I’m really out of aniblogging shape.

Thursday was key as I went to pick up my badges early. Saw some cosplayers, but I dont see why you would do it on a day when there is NO CON ACTIVITY. Oh well, just like how no one cares about Nina, they do all they can to be noticed.

Friday. So with my tickets already in hand, I was able to sleep in a bit longer and didn’t get to the convention center until around 11. I used to be all about getting there as early as 7, getting in line, and going to panels, panels, and more panels, all with a glimmer of hope of . This year, they didn’t seem that interesting and it started off on a different foot as the moment I reached my hotel, Baka-Raptor called me. And let me tell you, he’s just as dashing in person as he looks in his Talk-a-Raptor segments. Homobloggerotic comments aside, we first wanted to check out the Dealer’s Room but the line was longer than it took for Suzaku to realize he was gay so we headed for a Yuri panel… Uhhh, hypocryitcal comments aside, it was a HORRIBLE panel.

Let me note that I REALLY despise Ericaย  Friedman. SHE IS A BITCH. Excuse my french but man, she crossed that proverbial line. I hate her just as much as Geneon. Hell, they’re pretty much one and the same for what they did. It’s a good thing that she wasn’t giving away freebies, otherwise she probably wont let me answer a question “Because I’m not a girl”. First, I already hate her a little for saying that Aria is yuri, but she’s so deep in her own little world, fapping her e-penor in real life that she cant realize that Touko is a Grade-A bitch in Marimite. I mean, yeah, she’s a bit better later in the latest OVA but that doesn’t change the fact that the way she acts is bitchy OVERALL. Fine, I’ll have to re-watch to make sure I’m just not jumping the gun, but just cos you have a liking for -what did she call it- “psychotic homocidal whores” or something like that, doesn’t make Touko a better person. Little did she know, the next day, Lolikit was there with me and we stood in front of her booth for a while pondering whether to just go up and punch her or not. We decided not to because she looked a bit old and we dont beat senior citizens often. Kudos to her for watching Last Friends, though. Good drama. Note: She’s an old man-looking lady with a mullet. That photo she has on her blog is a lie. I also met DigitalBoy. Didn’t get to talk much with him, but he seems cool.

The dealer’s room is the biggest draw for me every year. Only there is where I can look at anime goods and not feel embarrassed. I’m a real closet fan in real life so this is pretty liberating. I got a ton of manga, half of which I’ve read already but just wanted to own. I really wished I could find the Aqua manga too but the two volumes of Aria will do for now. I also cant wait to collect all 34 volumes of Beck and I’m glad I could find a copy of Palette of 12 Secret Colors. The only thing I was able to haggle for was my set of Lucky Star phone straps. They’re so ridiculously cute, I dont want to take them out of the packaging but when my Hello Kitty one breaks, Tsukasa is first to go. She’s just DESTINED for my cell phone… I go through more phone straps in a year than a pubescent Japanese school girl, by the way.

I also met Pip that day and hung out a lot with him. I’ve been waiting for so long to meet him as he’s one of my best boys. We saw the Otaku Idol thing together and I was mildly impressed. I’m glad the girl I liked best won, though. Kudos to her. SHE GOT SOUL. -By being here I missed the Touhou panel and the j-drama panel. Damn-


Saturday was a BIG day for me. First there was meeting Lolikit. Him and Pips fill the holes in my heart and I was happy to just hang out with them. They were pretty much with me the whole day.

The first thing we did together was hit up the AMV competition and I was BLOWN AWAY. I went through a brief AMV phase ages ago but now I really want to try. The quality at places like this is way better than the ones I saw at smaller cons like AUSA. I was very impressed. My favorite is linked above.

Not gonna lie, my memory is very blurry of what happened on Saturday as it was SO awesome, I was pretty much overloaded. It was today that I met some amazing bloggers. This MADE my con experience. I was greatly honored to meet Omo and Moy because they’re my senpai. Omo just oozes experience and sage-ness while Moy was surprisingly just chill. He’d someone I’d feel comfortable just hanging out and chilling with on a normal day. I also met TheBigN. He is indeed big… as in HE HAS A BIG HEART. He’s so tight, I wish I could’ve hung out with him more. He emits this warm essence. Oh, and his internet handle… LAWL. Gold.

I briefly met up with Ten and Anna, who co-blog with me. They’re very nice ladies who I would love to just sit down and talk dramas with if that day wasn’t so hectic… and they were so eager to… get away… from me. DAMN.

There’s also Wildarmsheero and Link. I met them last year. They seem to have forgotten who I am but remembered my face. Good times. I leave good impressions.

I’m also incredibly disappointed that I missed super rats, Momotato and Scott. These senpais I greatly respect and would be in awe if I met either. I planned to meet Scott but just never got to it. I regret it now.

I wanted to go Karaoke with them all but me, LK and Pips went back to the hotel room and made another episod of the All-Porn Podcast. It was hilarious to be there in person and very shameful at the same time. Like I said, these guys complete me.

I dont know where to put it in, but me, LK and Baka-Raptor went to watch some Masquerade skits and some were funny, I accept but a bunch of them were just plain… well, it was like watching Girls High again. Add that to the fact that a 100% stereotypical weeaboo sat right behind us. She would laugh at everything and ANYTHING that she got the reference too. She would also yell “SUGOI” at every possible chance and whooped so loudly in my ear, I was hoping I’d go deaf so I could no longer hear her. It ruined my experience. Maybe… maybe the skits were actually funny, but I couldn’t appreciate them at that point. THE SEAT WAS EMPTY WHEN I GOT THERE. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SIT THERE?! WRYYYY?! I didn’t look at what she looked like but LK could confirm that she looked like one. That’s why I look down on many fans until they prove that I dont have to.

I barely do this day justice with all I’ve written, but it was epic and I would give to relive it again… except for the masquerade.

Sunday was much slower as I just wanted to buy cheap stuff and then head home. Watched some more AMVs in the morning, got my stuff, and then headed home. At that point, I was incredibly tired and going off pure energy.

But like I said, it was sick. JUST SICK.

Oh and note, I dropped the proverbial “ball” when it comes to photos this year. I just didn’t really feel like doing it, and add that to the fact that I forgot to put a memory stick in AND bring a charger for the battery, I just sucked on that aspect. I wont put up the pictures I took with the other bloggers as they’re just for my joy. I REALLY want a picture of moy and omo but my camera died right as I turned it on. MY ANGUISH. Lowest point of the con… yet highest at the same time. Mix bag. Here’s that feeling again I get every year after a con: I… sorta miss all of it. Less than 364 days to go, though.

My loot. I got that Aya Ueto poster for free. I was Os-static.

I’ve already read all of the above but you can never have enough shoujo.

27 comments to “Otakon 2008 – More Gay (Blogger)Love Here Than Geass R2”

  1. Comment by IcyStormNo Gravatar:

    I wish I lived on the east coast o_o Seems like a lot of fun and I’d love to meet lk and Baka-Raptor and TheBigN.


    And lol @ Aria cosplay. I don’t have any Aria stuff, but my friend’s in Akihabara right this second, hopefully he’ll get me some good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Comment by Asperger's Anime BloggerNo Gravatar:

    I remember going to a convention called Supernova back in the early 2000s where I met the dude who does the voice for Goku in his prime. That’s the closest thing I’ve experienced to Otakon in Australia.

    If only I was Japanese I would cosplay as Osamu Tezuka. Most obscure cosplay ever. Or I could use special paint on myself when I cosplay like James Bond uses in the book You Only Live Twice, because I have a similar nose to Tezuka and look like an Anglo version of him in my glasses.

  3. Comment by TenNo Gravatar:

    And here I thought we scared you off. =p Os, next time we’ll hang and talk dorama.

    Man, I wanted to meet Momotato. The dude is a legend. At least, in the aniblog community.

    Was baka-raptor cosplaying as Scar??

  4. Comment by Natsukashii Anime Blog » Otakon 2008: Ten’s Recap:

    […] Anna and talking about random stuff.ย  During one of the chillin’ sessions, we got to meet Os (who I met last year), his friend Steve (?), and baka-raptor.ย  It was brief, though.ย  (Os, we […]

  5. Comment by blissmoNo Gravatar:

    Damnit, this all sounds so fun! ;____;

    I really like the first image though

  6. Comment by omoNo Gravatar:

    You found that Aika cosplay ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Win!

  7. Comment by super ratsNo Gravatar:

    LOL at the yuri panel rant.

    I’d definitely like to hang next year.

  8. Comment by MichaelNo Gravatar:

    Where are the pics of these bloggers? :3

  9. Comment by AnnaNo Gravatar:

    Yeah, Os you were the one who wanted to run off. Ten and I wanted to talk to you a bunch more ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Comment by TheBigNNo Gravatar:

    I agree with omo: Aika cosplay? :O

    Now if only we could have found an Alice cosplayer to make three. Oh well. Maybe next year.

    I kinda feel embarrassed with how highly it seems you hold me. ^^; But it would be very cool to meet up again next year if it’s possible.

    And omo was trying to get me to the Otacafe to catch Anna and Ten, but I was too late and they were gone like the wind by the time I came. :/

    Oh well. I had a blast for this first time around. :3

  11. Comment by JoyceNo Gravatar:



    P.S I’m taking you out to.. Miyagi? Miyako? Sushi place? When we get back to school. For the ride and stuff. Unless you want to go to Todai, which we’d then have to do in the next two weeks. Let me know! Thanks broski. :]

  12. Comment by LinkNo Gravatar:

    I didn’t forget who you were. :v

  13. Comment by HungNo Gravatar:

    Penguin Revolution? What are you, a girl!?

  14. Comment by Baka-Raptor » Blog Archive » Otakon 2008:

    […] the way Os, this is why I call you OS instead of […]

  15. Comment by Baka-RaptorNo Gravatar:

    @Ten: Wasn’t I dashing?

  16. Comment by moyismNo Gravatar:

    Hahaha you honor me way too much but yea, it was definitely cool chillin with you that Saturday night when we had that guerrilla aniblogger “panel”. And hey, if you’re going to NYAF this year you can try for my photo again?

  17. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    @IcyStorm – You just have to come here. Lolikit was from Cali, you can do it too!
    @Asperger – Same for you, except insert “Australia” instead of “Cali”.
    @Ten – Indeed we shall. And yes, he was Scar.
    @super rats – It’s a date.
    @Michael – They’re somewhere, you just have to find them. But they’re there.
    @Anna – My bad. We had stuff planned and I just pretty much accidentally ran into you because I happen to recognize you guys when we crossed paths. We shall definitely sit down and chat next time.
    @TheBigN – Next year, we’ll hang out more once we exchange info. I didn’t even know you were going.
    @Link – Thank you.
    @Hung – Yes.
    @Moy – I’d love to go to NYAF and it’s certainly possible because my brother lives in Long Island… but I have school then. And I totally need to work on that. Photo next year?

  18. Comment by TheBigNNo Gravatar:

    To be honest, I didn’t even know that I was coming either. ๐Ÿ˜›

  19. Comment by Serial Experiments notdotq » I’m done with Mizunashi Mode (Report: Days 8-10, Otakon):

    […] anime bloggers have done a better job covering what actually happened at the con better than I could. […]

  20. Comment by Omonomono » Otakon 2008 Wrap-Up: Media Mania, LOL:

    […] I’ve been looking for more pictures of that Aika S. Granzchesta cosplayer flaunted on the Os con report, and I also spotted this very nice Triela cosplay (probably was walking around with this) that I […]

  21. Comment by St3phyNo Gravatar:

    Thanks for taking my picture ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m actually supposed to be Akira, but my loooong wig didn’t come in time, so I had to make do with my own hair… haha. I think you were the one that told me you saw an Akari cosplayer, and I eventually found her, but I was already out of costume ๐Ÿ™ Would’ve been nice to take a pic together with her.

  22. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Thank you for letting me take your picture. Plus, Aika’s better than Akari anyways.

    I’m surprised at how many cosplayers I see making comments on blogs. Not that that’s a bad thing. It’s rather nice how we’re all connected.

  23. Comment by digitalboyNo Gravatar:

    >I also met DigitalBoy. Didnโ€™t get to talk much with him, but he seems cool.

    i just got this trackback link and I’m sad because… I have no idea who you are! I’m pissed that someone met me and knew who i was and I didn’t know who they were! I need to educate myself!

  24. Comment by GlennyNo Gravatar:

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  25. Comment by affleckNo Gravatar:

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