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Okay, enough of that. I mean, how funny is this show? It’s literally IS laugh out loud funny.

I was first very skeptic about it at first, I admit. I had the OVA just chilling on my laptop for a long while and it was only when I saw the trailer for the live action DMC movie, I immediately had the urge to go check out the OVA. Add that to the fact that this is animated by Studio 4 [Degree] C, I thought this would just be another one of those weird messed up shows that just scares the crap out of me.

Okay, so this is show IS one of those weird messed up shows that scares the crap out of me. Huh. Go figure. Yet, I cant help but enjoy this show immensely. Could it be the fast pacing, the comedic timing, and/or the overall low budget animation? Whatever it is, I’m hooked and I look forward to the next episode… or half an episode, if you consider 23 minutes a full episode. POINT IS, IT’S KICK ASS.

As for the title of my post, my roommate reluctantly watches this show with me. He’s only watching it because I’m pressuring him to watch it with me. My two other roommates are slowly growing to like it. They’ll be DMC-heads soon enough.

Is it just me that’s facing this type of resistance? DOESN’T EVERYONE LOVE THIS SHOW? They dont believe me when I say it’s popular. “If I hadn’t watched this show, I’d become a serial killer”… errr. Yeahhhhh. What he said.

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6 comments to “LAPE LAPE LAPE! My Roommates Dont Like DMC!”

  1. Comment by Not Baka-RaptorNo Gravatar:

    I heard that Baka-Raptor likes DMC, so it must be good!

  2. Comment by biankitaNo Gravatar:

    DMC is addictive if you can stop taking it seriously especially because it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

  3. Comment by C.I.No Gravatar:

    Part of me wonders if managers of Death Metal Bands really are like that.

  4. Comment by SasaNo Gravatar:

    Hoho, your roommates have no sense of humour. Also, I like DMC too and was not mentioned *sad*

    @C.I.: Perhaps they are when they are female?

  5. Comment by OmisythNo Gravatar:

    Any show that can have themes of lape and SATSUGAI SATSUGAI SE YO and still be funny is GENIUS.

  6. Comment by Heriberto BetznerNo Gravatar:

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