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Rather, it was all my /choice fault and “Weeaboo 101” is actually “Japanese 101”.

So classes started today for me and in an attempt to raise my cellar-dwelling gpa, I decided to take Japanese 101. I mean, how bad could it be? I have so many things going for me: 1) My roomate is at least a lvl 4 Japanese speaker 2) I watch so much dramas and anime, I know a bunch of random and maybe necessary phrases already 3) It’s a 101 course. If High School was any indication, at least the first stage should be chump change.

Deshou? Things are good. That is, until I get there and we actually start speaking the language. I dunno what’s wrong. I’m Asian. So if an Asian language comes out of my mouth, it SHOULD seem normal. But I guess being a closet fan of anime and doramas just makes this a little awkward for me. I straight up dislike weeaboos. Those who would see a Naruto plushie at my local bookstore and just squeel “Kawaii~”. Those who yell “Sugoi~” every chance she got at Otakon. Those people.

So when I start learning the language legit and saying the stuff, it sorta just stumbles out of my mouth awkwardly, yet it’s so crisply said in my head. We did greetings today. “Hajimemashite” and the such. IT JUST FELT SO WEIRD. I felt very hypocritical. I mean, it’ll probably go away over time seeing as I may have to take more courses to minor in East Asian Studies but for now… Yappei.

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  1. Comment by Baka-RaptorNo Gravatar:

    My only regret about taking a Japanese class is waiting until my senior year to sign up. Now I’ve got to learn the rest on my own.

  2. Comment by MichaelNo Gravatar:

    You’d probably like this person:

    in b4 rage

  3. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    I threw up in my mouth a little… ahhh, it’s all over my laptop now.

  4. Comment by AnonymousNo Gravatar:

    Don’t worry, Ost, that’s just a troll acting, to get a rise out of people.

    Although I never saw why using random japanese words in a sentence and being enthusiastic make people horrible or anything…I mean, people do the same with French and it’s considered normal. I guess it’s just some insecurity other anime fans have.

  5. Comment by HungNo Gravatar:

    Don’t complain. You’re Asian. You have sort of a good excuse for being in that class. You don’t have to say “I’m a weeaboo and I luuuuvvvvvvv Japanimation and Meinga!”

    Trust me. Let your Asianness work for you. Oh, and try to find girls in the class who have yellow fever. Though they’re probably weeaboos too and you don’t want to get involved with them…

    I minored in Japanese in college. Just work through the weeaboo pain.

  6. Comment by TheBigNNo Gravatar:

    My situation is the same as Baka-Raptor’s. Though I don’t have too much time to be able to learn more Japanese because of medical school, I find that it’s interesting to see if what I know (a very elementary level, probably) gives me the ability to understand how some things go. The success rate varies by episode, but it’s fun to try. 😛

  7. Comment by ZerobladeNo Gravatar:

    Having taken a bit of elementary Japanese outside of classes, I can agree with the “it feels weird” stuff. Eventually, you’ll get over it though, and it’ll feel more natural. But eh, I’m still averse to outright speaking that way in public.

  8. Comment by jpmeyerNo Gravatar:

    For me, it was like one half Asians looking for a language that should be easy since they can already write the kanji, one quarter pleasantly tolerable weeaboos, one quarter people whom I couldn’t really figure out why they were taking Japanese.

  9. Comment by Jake Was HereNo Gravatar:

    I must be in that one-quarter JPMeyer couldn’t figure out. I can only speak for myself, but I took a few semesters of Japanese because I was genuinely interested in the language, the culture, and the history of Japan. I guess that makes me one of the rare Weeaboos with honest intentions.

    Of course, I couldn’t handle the whole full-time-job plus full-time-student angle, so I dropped out to get a desk job that paid better — but I’ve never lost my interest in the language or the culture.

  10. Comment by TimNo Gravatar:

    Ha, Os, I know that feeling.

  11. Comment by C.I.No Gravatar:

    By lvl 4 you mean JLPT 4…?

    And my classes are external, not within any institute, so needless to say we breezed through greetings real fast. Now it’s just hiragana spam.

  12. Comment by The SojournerNo Gravatar:

    Hmm…. There would be people who will be embarrassed about attending such classes because it makes them feel so weabooish and there would be those who are absolutely euphoric to embark on such a journey despite making themselves a bigger weaboo with their asphyxiating enthusiasm.

    But irregardless of the reason you are taking Japanese for, just treat it like as if you are taking some other language like French or Spanish. Think of your Japanese classes as an academic journey fueled with personal interest!

    I am lying to myself as well. It works.

  13. Comment by OGTNo Gravatar:

    I thought I’d point out that I had conversations with my Japanese teacher about Rose of Versailles and about Tokikake (I had to explain to her that there was a more recent anime moive that was based around the original novel/80s live-action movie). I also stealth-quoted Fuuko (of Clannad fame) in class, in Japanese, at an appropriate moment. I also freaked out most of the class when they asked what my favorite anime was and said things that they hadn’t heard of. At one point I was given a list of choices of anime I liked (in Japanese, and all the mega-popular shows in America) and was told to say what my favorite was, which resulted in me staring blankly for quite a while, responding “zenbu?” and that was still a terrible answer.

    I found 101 (at my institution) to be fairly simple, and both it and 102 were pieces clicking into place that I knew-but-didn’t-know-I-knew. 102 was a bit harder, though, and I didn’t quite understand some of the grammar points, but it sank in over the summer. Learning a language is easier when you have an active interest in learning it. I am still freaking myself out by listening to a Japanese song of some kind and realizing I can understand the lyrics.

  14. Comment by Asperger's Anime BloggerNo Gravatar:

    I did terribly in Japanese. Most schools in Australia don’t have decent support for special needs kids doing languages. I’ve always wanted to learn because I like the language and like learning languages (I used to be able to speak a bit of Modern Greek in Cyprus). But the lack of support for me by teachers who didn’t know how to deal with my disability which was affecting the way I was learning was a big problem in getting me to learn the language.

    Oh, and by the way, I didn’t start learning Japanese because I was a weaboo, but because a hot girl I liked was in the class I was going to be put in. Better excuse than just liking Anime and Manga. Normally you have to take French to get with the ladies. Unfortunately my ploy was “baka na” which is the only Japanese phrase I remember how to speak without looking in the English-Japanese dictionary I have.

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