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UNTRUE. It turns out we were on a Hiatus -we just didn’t know it until right now-.

So what is all this? Well, this is the intro post. I’ve written 4 of these now. I’m like the Larry Brown of Aniblogging (LOL that’s a Jason Miao NBA joke. Get it Lolikit?). See, thing is, though, this isn’t like a normal intro post. I’m not actually new to the aniblogging scene. Odds are, I may even be your senpai when it comes to aniblogging (I plan to make a timeline of all this, but that’s for a future project). And the people co-blogging with me? They’re MY senpais. Let me introduce my colorful cast (In the order of which I received their e-mails):

Ten – Yummy Sushi Pajamas: Duh!
Matte – Chotto Matte!
Newt – Pretty Scythe
Anna – Tokyojupiter

(They may or may not make their own intro posts. You should know them by now, though)

Their common trait? Well yeah, they’re all anibloggers, but let’s stop being a smartass for a second, please. I know you thought it. I asked these people simply because they’ve linked my blog at one point. That just shows that intercommunity relationships are strong and people like me remember them even now. Just what Author wanted… damn. Falling into his trap again.

As the one and only other post on this blog (so far) may seem to imply, I initially wanted to create this blog just for me and call it Os-ism… well because I have a giant e-penor from my past experience on the interweb when it came to aniblogging. But, I just cant work alone. I’m too afraid. So I’ve decided to enlist others and these are the ones that replied to me (You others, shame on you. Check your e-mails. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE IF YOU’RE READING THIS… well, actually you dont or you probably would’ve replied… hm).

Either way, this blog is really just a place for us to get that passion we once had back but this time, MINUS the pressure. I used to blog everyday because I felt obligated to. Eventually, my real life caught up to me and then I felt it to be chore-like to blog. I burnt out. The others, they felt the same. But here, it’s all fun.

So if you still dont get it by now… IT’S KONO SONO VERSION 3 AN EPIC REVIVAL OF THE BLOGGERS YOU LOVED FROM WAY BACK WHEN (at least one of ’em has to be. Come on. Otherwise, you’re just too new to all of this… you noob)!

Note: If you’re an old ani-blogger looking to get your flame back, feel free to contact me.

Note2: You can change the blog’s layout using the “Theme” button “drop-down menu” located on the right! Isn’t that cool? As of this post, we have three. They were created by my friend Tim who runs MoonlightJade. It’s a relatively new ani-blog, but he tells me you can even download animu off there directly. Check it out.

30 comments to “And Here You Thought We Were Dead…”

  1. Comment by HungNo Gravatar:

    I’d join too, but my blog isn’t quite dead yet, like that guy in the Monty Python skit.

    ALRIGHT, IT’S ALL MY FAVORITE EX-BLOGGERS! This reminds me of that one reality tv show where all the washed-up B-celebrities live in a house and do random crap together!

  2. Comment by KabitzinNo Gravatar:

    Whoa, this is an impressive development! I look forward to seeing some more posts =D.

    BTW, OS are you like the journeyman of the aniblogger community?

  3. Comment by TimNo Gravatar:

    are you talking about the show called the surreal life?

  4. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Hung: I wanna be Flavor Flav
    Kabitzin: Yes, Yes I am. I cant stop too long at a place. I start itchin’.
    Tim: Yes?

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  6. Comment by blissmoNo Gravatar:

    Fun fun fun 😀

  7. Comment by lolikitsuneNo Gravatar:

    No, no, no—the one with a humongous e-penis. It is me.

  8. Comment by AuthorNo Gravatar:

    There’s no Theme Button. The Theme Button was a lie. I’m not kidding, there may be some problem.

    Why don’t you just stop making fonts so small? It’s the craziest size I’ve seen on any blog, period.

  9. Comment by AuthorNo Gravatar:

    After I posted the comment, the theme selector has appeared (although it’s a drop-down menu, not a button). So I guess that works.

  10. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Problem 1: I’ll work on getting a sidebar when you view posts but for now, you’ll have to go to the homepage to see the other themes. You are correct, sir, there IS indeed a problem.

    Problem 2: You didn’t see that comment where I insulted your mother?! LOLOLOL IT WAS SO SMALL… I’m kidding. I will make the font larger… but then again… if it’s the “smallest” you’ve seen… that makes us UNIQUE. ACH HA!

    Problem 3: ARRRGH. Wrong wording. Not a “button”. Correct again.


  11. Comment by LupusNo Gravatar:

    Congratz on launching, and the fonts really ARE small.

    Where be my monocle?

  12. Comment by ImpzNo Gravatar:

    Heh heh heh, you finally got those old men/women back. I don’t think they know me, but I do know them.

    Yes, that sounds how old in blogging age they are. 😛

  13. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Ahhh, THAT anime blog, good role models for what a “Team-Blog” should be. Thanks fellas.

  14. Comment by hayaseNo Gravatar:

    I love how blog title is so self-explanatory–if you get it, that is. =p

  15. Comment by DrmChsr0No Gravatar:

    I see the aphrodisiac plants worked.


  16. Comment by ImpzNo Gravatar:

    Heh, Os does not know that I am a silly fanboy of his blog even before I created my blog. Linked and loved ^_^. I will be happily fanboying this blog now too =3

    Os, you better fricking write more awesome stuff. I need awesomeness to gain inspiration for writing my own entries. Oh, please install the “ajax editing comments” plugin, will ya? For dumbasses like me who cannot spell right.

  17. Comment by bluemistNo Gravatar:

    Ah natsukashii! You’re all familiar names to me (that means I’m old too). Welcome back to all of you and enjoy!

  18. Comment by GartenNo Gravatar:

    Congrats on being able to recruit all of them, Os. Welcome back, everyone! It’s been a while.

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  20. Comment by usagijenNo Gravatar:

    I was still pretty new in the blogosphere when you guys went MIA… so yeah, glad to see you blogging sempais are back! XD

  21. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    @ Hayase- I was going to invite you too but your place didn’t seem to be dead…
    @ DrmChsr0- Your plants are unsafe again! A PLANT IS FINE TOO
    @ Impz- That means a lot. Really. Thank you.
    @Bluemist- Same as Hayase, really.
    @ Garten- I am very honored just to see your name as a comment. You will always be my very first inspiration to blog. MY H&C posts never compared.
    @usagijen- Thank you

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  23. Comment by KaruraNo Gravatar:

    Yay, I love the idea of bringing the veterans back to form a new sentai team…it’s like some arcane form of necromancy reviving bloggers from the dead 😉

  24. Comment by TheBigNNo Gravatar:

    This is an insanely awesome development.

  25. Comment by ScottNo Gravatar:

    Welcome back, OS!

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  27. Comment by IFRS CodificationNo Gravatar:

    While nodding in agreement, I find myself thinking, “Why do you lead me a wild-goose chase.”.

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    Natsukashii Anime Blog » And Here You Thought We Were Dead……

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