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For the summer, I work with kids. Not this type of kid. No kid is ever as pure or as cute as Yotsuba, but there are some cute ones… and some devil ones. But no, I’m not going to recount a horror story with one of them -there are plenty like when a kid got hit by a golf club-. This is more tame.This particular story involved one of the “senior” students, aka 7th grade.

I had to open up this box of games and I had to pull out my set of keys to open the wrapping and on my keys is my Yuki Nagato keychain. And the conversation is as such:

Whats that? *points at my flashing Yuki keychain and grabs it*

-It’s a keychain.

What is it of?

-A cartoon.

What show?

-It’s called Haruhi. Your probably haven’t heard of it.

Why does it say “SS” on it? (note: it says SOS but Yuki’s body covers the O so it’s just implied)

-That’s just the name of the group in the show.

What kind of show is it?

-It’s Japanese.

Oooooooh… Looks dumb.

-Ahhhh well… Let’s play Ker-Plunk now, Karl.


Obviously this was going nowhere good. Either kids these days have amazing insight or foolish for not knowing of Haruhiism. I swear Haruhiism transcended all bounderies of age and time, but I guess not yet. I apologize for his imprudence, Aya-sama.

Oh, and Happy 4th of July to you Yankee Americans.

12 comments to “A Normal Tale About Our Next Generation’s Bleak Future”

  1. Comment by jpmeyerNo Gravatar:

    I thought that the link for “kid” was going to go to a Yakitate Japan post.

  2. Comment by SasaNo Gravatar:

    I think the next time, I am going to celebrate 1st September or something XD

    On a side note: I suppose every generation has their -ism. In my old times, it was Sailor Moon and 4 years later it was Pokemon… and now, I actually don’t even have any idea which anime is the hit among little kids.

  3. Comment by tj hanNo Gravatar:

    Os, you need a Gintama keychain. I bet even Karl knows Gintama.

  4. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    @JP- Yakitate is more for genius than kid.
    @Sasa- kids these days dont watch cartoons but crappy Disney shows like Camp Rock or something
    @tj han- Karl is a smart kid, but Gintama…. IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE

  5. Comment by Baka-RaptorNo Gravatar:

    One time I was walking around with a Baka-Raptor keychain and nobody recognized it. Kids these days…

  6. Comment by meganeshounenNo Gravatar:

    For a moment there, this post was going to be a serious one about how anime is affecting today’s youth.

    Then again, who can blame me for being pessimistic?

  7. Comment by issa-saNo Gravatar:

    I wanted an Elizabeth key chain…
    Kids these days? I thought they were too busy trying to lose their innocence and morphing into emo teenagers or something.
    Time to pimp out Animal Yokocho again!

  8. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    @BL- I’ll buy that Baka-Raptor keychain off you
    @meganeshounen- I’m sorry I disappointed you.
    @issa-sa- man, kids today, they watch ALL kinds of junk that makes me shake my head when they bring their magazines and stuff in.

  9. Comment by CanaNo Gravatar:

    Kids can be educated and they imitate their friends and parents often.

  10. Comment by 女子徵信No Gravatar:

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  11. Comment by 女子徵信No Gravatar:

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  12. Comment by Clarissa PerfettiNo Gravatar:

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