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Oh, L-chan. Thank you muchly for the heads up. You have brighten my drab day.

Manga artist Suzue Miuchi will relaunch her long-running Glass no Kamen (The Glass Mask) theatrical romance epic in Hakusensha’s Bessatsu Hana to Yume magazine in its September issue (on sale on July 26). The manga had previously run in the main Hana to Yume magazine, but the 42nd and last compiled volume of the manga was published back in 2004. Bessatsu Hana to Yume’s advertisement says that the story will pick up where volume 42 left off and will still feature the rising stage actress Maya Kitajima and her suitors Yū Sakurakōji and Masumi Hayami.

source: ANN

And so the uber-romance between purple rose dude and the Crimson Goddess protégé continues.

As a huge fan of the manga, and by extension the anime, I am thrilled, ecstatic, and awestruck. Why? Because it has been too darn long since I’ve read a new chapter. I adore Ms. Miuchi, but she sure takes her time.

At the crux of Ms. Miuchi’s epic is Maya Kitajima, an actress of immeasurable talent, mentored by a great theater actress Chigusa Tsukikage. The manga begins with Maya as a thirteen year old dreamer, and goes on until she reaches the ripe age of twenty. She, assisted by a stalker-like yet sigh-inducing phantom, journeys into the world of theater, but not without the addicting uber-angst and melodrama that hasn’t been replicated in the current shoujo titles around. (And no, I refuse to accept the idiotic angst that is NANA. I used to enjoy that series, until the characters became TSTL. And I digress.)

Of course, no self-respecting old school heroine is complete without The Rival. She exists in the form of Ayumi Himekawa. Think Hikaru no Go‘s Hikaru and Touya, but without the sexual tension. I’ve always compared GM to the sports genre, wherein one’s skills — in this case acting skills — powers up every so often.

Setting aside Maya’s odyssey amidst the theatrical backdrop, Glass Mask shines the most in its chronicle of star-crossed lovers and of unrequited love. Enter Masumi Hayami and his trademark (Murasaki no Bara) Purple Roses. An urge to giggle like school girl arises whenever he and Maya are in together in a scene.

Ah, what a delightful news. I might buy the mag or maybe subscribe just for this series.

129 comments to “Ms. Suzue Miuchi’s Glass no Kamen in BetsuHana Magazine”

  1. Comment by SasaNo Gravatar:

    How amazing, it’s actually continuing! I still remember that I started reading the manga back in 2004 and then heard that it was put on hiatus. I’m looking forward to it now, of course, and it makes me wish I could read japanese.

  2. Comment by blissmoNo Gravatar:

    Never heard of this lols

  3. Comment by L-chanNo Gravatar:

    Ooooh, man. I can’t wait.

    Especially when you consider what happened in the last chapter. Is poor Mizuki going to see the Masumi Scary Expression™?

  4. Comment by ChristinaNo Gravatar:

    I might try reading it. But there had better be cute love scenes cause I’m a sucker for those. Here’s how much: I read Hana Yori Dango just for the cute romance between Tsukasa and Tsukishima. But after they went to Canada and all of that, the cuteness went away and they just became bland. I felt angry.

  5. Comment by L-chanNo Gravatar:

    Eh, there aren’t a lot of what I’d call “cute” love scenes in GM, partly because Masumi is in the position of not being able to show his feelings openly to Maya. He almost always has to act behind the shadow of “the purple rose.”

    And what do you mean no cute scenes between Tsukasa and Tsukushi in HYD? There’s tons of them!

  6. Comment by TenNo Gravatar:

    @Sasa: I can’t believe that after all these years, we’re gonna have a continuation after all. I hope Miuchi will close this manga soon. I adore this series, but I think it’s about time it ends.

    @blissmo: Old school shoujo romance and angst. Awesome combination.

    @Christina: Not really much of cuteness, but it’s giggle-worthy. There’s something about seeing this particular couple fall desperately in love with each other. I suppose, it’s because at first glance, they are so odd together.

    @L-chan: Oh, yeah. That was an awesome scene, with the Masumi tantrum and all.

    Hm. I wonder how MIuchi will incorporate contemporary references in the BetsuHana chapters.

  7. Comment by SasaNo Gravatar:

    Yeah, Glass Mask is so old after all, I think we can expect an end soon – especially considering what happened in the story before it went on hiatus.

    Actually I mainly love Glass Mask so much because it goes beyond the romance, emoness and relationships, but there also is the dramatic aspect of theatre play <3 I’m excited whenever Maya has to deal with another acting challenge, that’s just the silly fangirl I am, ahem.

  8. Comment by TenNo Gravatar:

    Oh, I wish it ends soon. And if Miuchi refuses us the Masumi-Maya ending, there is no justice in the world.

    What I love about GM is how the characters gradually changes over time. They are subtle, but significant changes. And yes, I’ve always enjoyed the acting aspect. It’s a thrill to see Maya find answers for those tough challenges. Although I’m sometimes disturbed by the extreme method acting used by the actors. Way too method.

  9. Comment by ariesaNo Gravatar:

    are the love story maya and masumi really continuing…????
    pleaz… coz i wait this for long time… well.. i read a massage for suzue in another website than she start to read volume 43… i hope the news is true…

  10. Comment by SvetlannahNo Gravatar:

    I am so happy to know that they’ll continue with this story. Is fantastic my brother is an actor and live that exprience is great that manga was so special I hope they could make it in an anime too. Love Masumi-Maya love since they look so good together. Thanks for the info. Can someone help us to subs the anime of GLASS MASK there some episodes that are not subs yet so we need some help we find them in VEOH.COM from ep 37 to 51 but they need to be sub can someone be so kind and sub them for us. Thanks GLASS MASK FANS.

  11. Comment by Kaze no kaoriNo Gravatar:

    Hana to Yume magazine which includes the continuation of GM vol 42 was published on 26/7/2008/ Does anyone know how it is? I’m so curious and impatient. I live in VietNam and I can’t buy the magazine. If anyone knows anything about the continuation, please share with me!!

  12. Comment by HellangelNo Gravatar:

    Does anyone know where i can download a copy of the translated volume 42? really want to read it but don’t know japanese and don’t know where i can get my hands on it.

  13. Comment by MayaNo Gravatar:

    volumes 42 is not translated in english . Continuation is middle , spoilers are on italian forums but I didn’t see pictures

  14. Comment by BobaparlNo Gravatar:

    This series rocks! and the anime is pretty good too! I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THE MAYA X MASUMI RELATIONSHIP! It’s very sweet! I hope their feelings for each other will develop into a true love story…LOVE IT! haha

  15. Comment by Shanice1998No Gravatar:

    I hope she continues the anime Glass Mask soon!

  16. Comment by uteNo Gravatar:

    thanks for this blog really help me to find information about maya i miss them

  17. Comment by yennyNo Gravatar:

    where can I get free download glass mask manga in the original version (in Japanese) ? Let me know if u have the information. thank u very much, from another fan of Glass Mask.

    P.S. : I already have the series in Indonesian language but I think the translation is not correct sometimes. so it bother me a lot. and I think if I get the original version I can compare it.

  18. Comment by MellyanaNo Gravatar:

    Is Betsuhana 17 published in Japan yet?

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  51. Comment by PollyNo Gravatar:

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  52. Comment by PollyNo Gravatar:

    I never have loved an anime more like this one. Glass Mask is a stroke of genius. But the ending was pretty incomplete/bad lol. After they finish the manga they have better complete the other missing piece of the puzzle to this amazing anime. The intensity of the melodrama really draws me in. Especially when the moments between Maya and Masumi. Words cannot describe how beautiful their love for each other is. This is the strongest love that I’ve ever seen between two people and I don’t think I can ever compare a love like theirs. It’s just so unique and beautiful that it brings out so much emotion. The part that touched me the most was when Hayami Masumi went to Maya’s play even though there was a typhoon. He walked in that sort of weather risking his very life just to get to her play. That’s how much he loves her. But there’s so much delays between their love and a lot of unfortunate events stop it which really keeps you excited and wondering what will happen next. Yay for the 49 volumes completed. I’m so happy the author is progressing in writing more. Maya is a girl that everyone will fall in love with. She always keeps things interesting. And normally I don’t find the female characters awesome.

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