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We now live in a world of spelling errors. There’s no escaping it. Odds are, you ran into a typo today. Hell, you may run into one in this post -BUT MAYBE NOT WITH FIREFOX 3?-.

“Lol”, “lawl”, “rofl”, wwwww, whichever. You see ’em everywhere. We all know you really aren’t laughing out loud, but it’s okay, our technologically advanced generation accepts it. We’ve accepted this so much that it’s become normalcy and almost everyday. I dont even see how “Lol” was created. The correct spelling of “Lol” is “I’m Laughing”! It’s missing the entire “I’m” part and the “aughing” part too. Hell, take it all away, and we only have “L”. Dont even get me started about “wwww” (for those not in the know, that’s those silly moonspeaking Japanese’s version of “lol”).

But this must stop. We must stop using acronyms cos because they are ruining today’s society. But not only acronyms, just generally misspellings MUST BE FIXED. LET US CREATE THIS NEW TECHNOLOGICAL GENERATION THAT SPELLZ THINGS RIGHT!

Side Note: [… you know how long it took me to think of a way to bring up this topic? Days. I really dont care how you spell things, but Randall brought it to my attention one day and it’s been bothering me. Add that to what nunka showed me in my Hikikomori post, I decided we should start this movement. Forget Ani-Blog Awards and Round Robins, this is the new “it” thing.]

So the first word for critiquing? “Hikkikomori”. It’s actually spelled “Hikikomori”. Only one k initially. “It doesn’t make that much of a difference” you may be thinking. But it does. That extra k you’re giving them, that’s the “k” they need for “kill”. These people may be saddened by the world but “kill[ing]” is never the solution. If we take the “k[ill]” away, they will have hope of recovery.

My next word? “Sempai”. I got an earful from my boy Randall for spelling “Senpai” as “Sempai”. For my entire life, I’ve been saying “sempai” and I’ve been living a lie -my ENTIRE life, mind you. All a lie.- You know, if you google search “sempai”, the first result is “Senpai and Kohai- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia“. Good ol Wikipedia. I really dont know what else to say if Wikipedia can say it all merely in one line. Point for Randall. “But my copy of Love Hina says ‘sempai'” none some of you may be saying. Well they’ve been living a lie too. You take out that extra loop thing in the “m to make it an “n” and you’ll have enough loops for “Ooooooh, thank you for showing me the light, Os-senpai”.

But that doesn’t stop there! Let’s make all manga companies follow one strict way of spelling everything. One Piece? Is it zoRo or zoLo?! Is it fooLy cooLy or fuRi kuRi? You may think this is a hard set of words to tackle, but you’re wrong. Just take a lowercase “l” and add a few swipes and it becomes “R”. You know why manga and anime companies change it to “l”. To save ink. Yeah, gas prices are going up BUT That’s all. They’re just being selfish.

There are so many other words we have to tackle. Like Oto-san or Otou-san? Are “U” really the father? Words like these, I cant do myself. So who’s with me? Let’s start the rebellion to DO THINGS RIGHT -you dont hear people saying “Let’s do things ‘LIGHT’, do you? NO!

LOL!… I mean, “I’m Laughing”.

26 comments to “Learn to Spell Collectly. A New Rebellion!”

  1. Comment by ScottNo Gravatar:

    This is why we should all just learn how to read and write in Japanese.


  2. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Agreed. I’ll actually only just finally take Jap 101 next semester.

  3. Comment by nunkaNo Gravatar:

    At the risk of taking this post too seriously, I’m just going to point out a few faggotries:

    – Senpai is often romanized as sempai because that’s what it sounds like to our pig disgusting American ears.

    – At least the Japanese have a decent excuse for their version of “lol.” That being: nipponman sees something funny, reaches for the w key to type 笑った (waratta, i.e. “I lol’d”) but can’t finish the word due to his fit of laughter, thus resulting in wwwwwwwwwww. I’m not saying it’s bulletproof, but there’s just no excuse for the existence of “lol” and whoever invented it needs to die. Because even I use it… and that makes me sick.

    – One Piece fucking sucks.

  4. Comment by lelangirNo Gravatar:

    spelling. serious busines.

    Ok now, in all seriousness, insofar as you’re actually being serious yourself, I don’t agree with the righteous campaign against lol-ing and the proverbial internet acronyms. Am I for correct spelling? Yes – only if it’s to make people less lazy with their “cos” and whatnot (that one frustrates me more so than any other). Internet lingo has its own validity because while it’s based on a more historical language, it has a meaning of its own, and when regarding the form of things, they are always equal. You can’t compare the meaning of “lol” with the meaning of “I’m laughing right now” – the latter sounds utterly British ridiculous on the internet. Likewise, in its own arena, writing “lol” in an academic paper sounds retarded while “comic genius” sounds more appropriate. That’s the fallacy of the paradigm shift when trying to compare the content of things when it’s really the form in question.

    Does bad spelling say something about society? Yes, it sure does. But I’ll take pragmatism over grammar nazi-ism any day.

    In Japanese? I still pronounce it the gringo way in my head anyway. Kurenai? More like kerr-ren-eye (r’s not rolled). To try and avoid another reiteration of the semantics of the otaku debate, we can’t assume its Japanese meaning, period. This applies to us even writing in the language, because we can write in it, but we can’t mean in it.

  5. Comment by blissmoNo Gravatar:




  6. Comment by TheGeekNo Gravatar:



    YOU Cantz makes me spell correctly noz matter watz you do!!!


  7. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Quick note before I go to work: I did not take this post too seriously. That is all. May the revolution continue

  8. Comment by MatteNo Gravatar:

    I’d I just like to point out that “lol” is an acronym for “laughing out loud” and was used as an ’emote’ during the earliest days of instant messaging. The sad part is I’ve actually caught myself saying “lol” out loud, in real life, when I was working at a it cafe/gaming center. Being around kids that talk l33t in real life all day rubs off on you I tell you!

  9. Comment by lelangirNo Gravatar:

    oh ok.

    spelling. serious busines.

  10. Comment by LyLNo Gravatar:

    Even if you didn’t take writing this post seriously, I have to say, I really enjoyed reading it. And, oh my gosh, is it Oto-san or Otou-san?!

  11. Comment by When Hitler Declared War on Grammar at Rainbowsphere:

    […] Wakimiko was a Reich, I’ll gladly be her personal Grammar Nazi. SIG FUCKING […]

  12. Comment by TeeifNo Gravatar:

    Laugthing, I am.

    Shame the Romaji system is too complex for most people to remember!

  13. Comment by otou-san or is it otoh-san or otōsanNo Gravatar:

    you said you didn’t know how “LOL” was created, right after the words “laughing out loud” appeared in the same paragraph. Is my joke filter turned down too low, perhaps?

  14. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Otou-san… or otoh-san, or … that last one with the accent mark over the “o”. Your joke filter is actually turned up too high. Again, this is a jest post and it is probably MY FAULT that my inconsistencies ruined the joke. My bad.

    I’m pretty sure anyone who can operate a computer with the internet knows by now that LOL = laugh out loud… or lord of larp. Whichever one fits in the situation.

  15. Comment by MatteNo Gravatar:

    *Whoosh*. That’s the sound sarcasm makes when it passes over my head. ;P To my defense the level of collective intelligence and knowledge at my old work place was very low, and I don’t think 90% of them know what lol really means.. ^^

  16. Comment by MichaelNo Gravatar:

    ‘lol’ is not wrong. It’s just non-standard English. For comic situations online, it’s a good word to use: it’s short, it’s witty (it packs a lot of punch), and it’s almost universal.

    It shouldn’t be used in real life, though. Regarding blog posts, lol can be used as frequently as anyone wants as long as one should use it properly i.e. only on light posts and not on posts that are written with all seriousness.

    Everyone makes mistakes in grammar and spelling. I don’t see why we should need to make a big deal about it.

    Just my two cents.

  17. Comment by OsNo Gravatar:

    Agreed, Michael. Everyone makes mistakes and you’re all idiots! Nah, I jest. Like I said, this is just a jest post that just spewed out when I felt like writing something. No big deal… UNTIL THE REVOLUTION.

  18. Comment by otou-san or is it otoh-san or otōsanNo Gravatar:

    is it wrong that “Lord of Larp” made me…. LOL?

  19. Comment by Alden SlagelNo Gravatar:

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