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It’s Finally Safe for Narutards?

Saturday, June 21st, 2008
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I was killing time at my local Borders a month or so ago-read: reading their stuff for free- and I decided to pick up an issue of Anime Insider. Before anime blogs, I would always read Anime Insider because NewType was always shinkwrapped and well, there were no other magazines. I even had a subscription at one point. But the more I got into anime blogs for my latest news, the more I looked down on ani-mags.

But… it can still have its perks. It was thanks to A.I. that I found out the Honey and Clover manga was coming out for example, and there are some interesting articles every once in a while. In this issue that I picked up, I read some interesting fan-letters. This one in particular, was trying to stick up for fellow Narutards.


Learn to Spell Collectly. A New Rebellion!

Thursday, June 19th, 2008
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We now live in a world of spelling errors. There’s no escaping it. Odds are, you ran into a typo today. Hell, you may run into one in this post -BUT MAYBE NOT WITH FIREFOX 3?-.

“Lol”, “lawl”, “rofl”, wwwww, whichever. You see ’em everywhere. We all know you really aren’t laughing out loud, but it’s okay, our technologically advanced generation accepts it. We’ve accepted this so much that it’s become normalcy and almost everyday. I dont even see how “Lol” was created. The correct spelling of “Lol” is “I’m Laughing”! It’s missing the entire “I’m” part and the “aughing” part too. Hell, take it all away, and we only have “L”. Dont even get me started about “wwww” (for those not in the know, that’s those silly moonspeaking Japanese’s version of “lol”).

But this must stop. We must stop using acronyms cos because they are ruining today’s society. But not only acronyms, just generally misspellings MUST BE FIXED. LET US CREATE THIS NEW TECHNOLOGICAL GENERATION THAT SPELLZ THINGS RIGHT!


Hikkikomori, You Are Not

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
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First, I should say that I’m not picking on Fang-tan or Shance for their posts, but Hikkikomori are really an entirely different breed from how you’re portraying them and how many of you know them. They just have a problem, really, and despite what you may think, it’s not anime. So before you go and call yourself a “Hikki” or a “NEET”, actually consider what you’re calling yourself. It’s like self-proclaiming yourself to be a F[at]Y[aoi]G[irl]. I know that SasukexNaruto crap’s not gonna read itself, but keep it on the DL.

Yeah, I’ve seen and read both NHK and Genshiken. I’ve seen Lucky Star. In the case of Genshiken and Lucky Star, they’re all just plain otaku. If we follow Shance’s definition of NEET:

In short, NEETs are unemployed people who leech the hell out of society and family.

Then no one in either series are NEET. Everyone works or at least trying to make a living. So if you consider yourself a Konata or any of the Genshiken crew, you are neither a NEET or a Hikki. Now in NHK, Satou is a NEET, but at one point, didn’t he too try to get a job? If we ignore that and look at how he turns out in the later part of the series, he’s a NEET. But does he fit under the category of “Hikkikomori”?


Commercials Are the Bane of My Existence

Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
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We all hate commercials -except on Super Bowl Sundays, apparently. For some reason those are just amazing for most of the country-.

The greatest thing about anime is the lack of commercials. Sure we have to sit through the part where a guy -who I swear is Kusanagi Tsuyoshi– or some woman says the name and motto of a few companies but that’s not so bad. OR IS IT? Leave it to someone to just find another fault in something that’s not so bad after all… You know the part I’m talking about. It happens right after the OP, a little after the 1:30 mark, usually. “Toyota. Drive your Dreamsu”.


Buying Anime DVDs is Like Voting: Does It Make a Difference?

Sunday, June 15th, 2008
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I was just reading Kurogane’s post here and I couldn’t help but think about how “lame” I really am.

No, I dont buy anime dvds anymore -I used to-. All I have is my one measly tower. Dvds used to be $30 each. Remember those days? I bought 6 episodes of FLCL for $90. I’ve seen them all so many times, I’ve at least broke even in value, but I could not justify buying anything else. I could’ve gotten a video game for $40 and used it much more. -The only dvd now I can really feel like I’ll get my money’s worth is Honey and Clover and that’s not even out despite it being licensed-.

But then Best Buy decided to change it up and make it $20 per. That’s when I went crazy. I bought a dvd every other week, pretty much. Yet after a while, I just realized that it really wasn’t worth it anymore. I was buying Eva and .hack and Azumanga Daioh. Though they were all great shows, after buying them, I’ve only seen them all once. Each dvd had about 5 episodes so I’m paying $4 per episode pretty much. $4 goes a long way now that reality smacked me around a couple times.


Summer is…

Saturday, May 31st, 2008
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Summer is watching new shows, reading new manga, and marathoning Aria one night.

Summer is partying with your boys [and ladies], shooting off cheap fireworks, building a fire and sharing a cigar the next night.

Summer is writing this post with a massive hangover and a full stomach of fresh out of the oven cookies.

Summer is what I live for.


So You’ve Never Been In a Girl’s Room?

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
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Well I have, but that’s not the point at all. That title was just a hook. Gotcha! Now for the redirecting.

I initially planned to post it here, but I already promised. Everyone loves room posts, right?. Maybe my co-bloggers will do theirs…

Here’s a Natsukashii-only picture. My room 3 -or so- years ago:


Screw the All-Female Round Robin, I’m Making My Own

Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
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Oh no, I’m note done yet. This is not only a good chance for me to move onto Round 2 of the ABAs (the Aya is Better than lolikit Awards), but I can now unveil my attempt to overthrow this new “thing” we are all calling the “All Female Round Robin”… THING.

The first order of business is this lovely post found here. Yes it’s rushed and yes all the words just flew past me because I just spent half an hour looking at the picture BUT NONETHELESS, I believe this is a great idea and I approve. Now if it’ll compare to Hashihime, I dont know, but the more Aya the better I say. Now for an almost totally unrelated fact: I use Mozilla Firefox, but if I ever open up my IE, the home page is none other than Aya Hirano’s blog. What does this mean exactly? Why did I tell you that? I want more Aya… IN ENGLISH. PICTARS CAN ONLY SASTISFY ME SO MUCH.

Now for the Second (Round) Matter.


Manly is Overrated

Saturday, May 17th, 2008
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One of the trends that I’ve noticed in my anime watching to-date is how a lot of the recent shows have male characters who aren’t afraid of expressing their more feminine side.

Even the skilled warrior Thobari-sensei of Nabari no Ou isn’t afraid to show off his shoujo sparkles every now and again.

And maybe it’s very much an expected fujoshi response, but this trend is a good turn. Call it comic effect or fanservice if you want, but I take it as a positive sign that the Japanese creators are realizing that their audience includes females. Lots of them. Girls who would stick around for the story and the animation anyway, but who wouldn’t mind a bit of inside jokes thrown their way.

Pink sparkles are this season’s new black, apparently.


The All Female Blogger Geneon Discrimination Act

Thursday, May 15th, 2008
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You cant get away. It’s happened again. I may be relatively out of the loop when it comes to the Aniblogosphere but the moment I come back, I face this… this… I cant even describe what this is. From what I can tell from the polls so far, today’s readers are not inclined to remember my first post on Karoshi (the blog is now dead but luckily I’ve saved it here).

Let me tell you what happened in short: I was at a Geneon panel and they were giving out prizes if you answered their easy trivia questions. When it got to questions about Paradise Kiss, which at the time I knew plenty about because I’m a shoujo-boy and I was all over the show, I got really excited… BUT I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO ANSWER BECUASE IT WAS ONLY OPEN FOR GIRLS. “Shoujo is only for girls”, I was told by that stupid representative. Since then, I’ve always hated Geneon and I’m glad they’re out of business -and never to return?-. I’ll hold this grudge forever. I wanted that pretty hair tie thing, too…

Now the point of my post: